Top Advantages of using MEAN Stack for Modern Web App Development

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Web developers have a wide range of technologies and techniques to choose. Also, these technologies are very dynamic, so they keep shifting from one technology to another in search of something new and better for their apps, and at the same time, these advancements are easy to use for them.

Thus, the developers should choose something that is flexible enough and allows them to add-on things.

What do you understand by MEAN stack?

MEAN stack is something that the designers who want to work with the JavaScript can easily benefit themselves with it. The MEAN stack is an excellent option for start-ups or business firms to whom they would deliver significant benefits.

Javascript is loved by both categories of the developers whether they deal in front-end developing or back-end developing as it simplifies there work and smooths the app developing process. The MEAN stack consists of JavaScript frameworks such as MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, and Node.js so that it can be used for varied projects. It is open-source software that provides high proficiency.

  • MongoDB: MongoDB is a database manager that allows the data to be saved in JSON format.
  • Express.js: It is a framework that is used in to support the functioning of Node.js.
  • Angular.js: Angular gives developers a golden opportunity to use the HTML as a template.
  • Node.js: It is a cross-platform JavaScript framework
It is a cross-platform JavaScript framework

MEAN stack simplifies your work when it comes to building a website. The most appropriate aspect of using the MEAN stack is that you only need to write the coding in the JavaScript for server-side and client-side. If you have someone who is a JavaScript specialist and is working on your project, then you will definitely be able to get incredible benefits and functional addition to your programm. As the MEAN stack makes use of Node.js with the help of which applications can be directly deployed on the server rather than putting them on a stand-alone server.

The flexibility of MEAN stack- by MEAN stack developers.

The functioning of the application made by the MEAN can be easily checked on the cloud platform. The main feature of the STACK is that it allows you to test and create applications in the cloud. You can always add on a filed if you want to make some changes after its development. The MEAN component MongoDB is compatible with cloud and provide benefits like automatic replication.

Isomorphic coding with MEAN- by express.js development.

MEAN Stack Development

MEAN stack provides with varied facilities and one such is the easy transfer of code from one framework to another. Hence, it a web development tool that is extremely user-friendly. Isomorphic coding is possible along with MEAN. Due to this, developers can provide accurate and optimum results in short periods of time.

Now we have JSON that is compatible with MEAN- by web app companies.

JSON, which stands for JavaScript Object Notation, is used by MEAN and it is can very smoothly operate with Node.js and Angular.js. Moreover, MongoDB is a component-oriented relational DB. With this, developers can easily store the documents in the JSON format. Thou, this pattern of working is used by the small and medium level companies. MEAN stack is the preference of many developers for application development or web application development.

An open-source that offers cloud support- by mobile app companies.

The other essential point that makes MEAN stack more popular is the fact that it is open-source, which means it is available absolutely for free. It proves to be extremely helpful for the developers when they choose to work on a specific project as they have access to libraries and public repositories. Thus, development cost reduces drastically. Mongo DB also allows adding functionalists of cloud in the app.

The reuse feature and high-speed advantage with reference to Node.js development – by MEAN stack app

Node.js is speedy because of its non-blocking architecture. Angular.js is a powerful framework of the JavaScript, hence it provides options like reuse and testing. With the framework, testing has become a very convenient thing, and domain-specific language can also be used

An option that would cut down your development cost by MEAN stack development company.

It is obvious that when one would you MEAN stack developers, their overall app development cost would be low as compared to other options. It is largely because of the fact that MEAN stack makes use of JavaScript frameworks, cloud for adding functions and testing. Moreover, it uses open-source frameworks

Are you willing to hire MEAN stack developers against MERN stack development companies

If you want to make use of MEAN stack developers consider all the factors and your project requirements. Mean stack and MERN stack are quite similar to each other if you want to choose Angular.js over React than you should definitely go for MEAN stack.


MEAN stack works in only one language that is JavaScript which makes it very easy for developers as they can write both clients side and server-side in the same language. Also, it is very simple to use JavaScript, and at the same time, it is a fast language. Other than that MEAN makes use of JSON, which adds to the beauty.

They are both JavaScript applications are light-weight. The difference is on the bases of the structure of the two stacks. MERN stack is a good option for small-scale projects while MEAN is great for large-scale projects.

MEAN stack is popular because it is free and open-source. Absolutely no additional expenses are spent in the building of an application with the MEAN stack. Hence, the companies that have a low budget like the small or medium enterprises, they go for MEAN stack.

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