Best company for Automation Testing Services with Selenium

Automation testing using Selenium offers reliability, quality, and integration of web apps and websites cost-effectively.

Why choose selenium for Automation Testing Services?

The Case for Selenium Automated Testing

Automated testing on a device-by-device basis can provide real-world understanding of how customers experience their apps, but it can be complicated and time-consuming, and may not be able to cover all the potential variables. Selenium is the most popular open source test automation solution available today for automated web application testing.

Why choose selenium for Automation Testing Services

Selenium has become the most widely used mode for automation testing to ensure top quality user interfaces and functionality. It can work with most browsers, operating systems and leading programming languages and testing frameworks, and has a comprehensive testing suite of tools. Our Selenium automation testing services are backed by a certified team of Selenium experts.

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We offer a wide range of Selenium automated testing services

  1. Selenium automated functional testing,
  2. Selenium automated regression testing,
  3. Selenium browser compatibility testing,
  4. Automation framework creation,
  5. Integration with test management tools, etc.

Our automation testing services using Selenium include:

  • Selenium automation testing for all kinds of apps
  • Performance testing and integration
  • Automated web application testing
  • Keyword, Data-driven, Hybrid approach based testing
  • Selenium website testing on multiple browsers and platforms
  • Selenium testing for all types of mobile applications
  • Offshore Selenium testing services

Benefits of Choosing Mobinius

  • Trusted by leading brands
  • Built-in automation expertise with proven frameworks
  • Ability to respond quickly to changes in business demand
  • More flexible automation processes
  • Simplified test case management; easier integration of different tools

  • Increased predictability and reliability
  • Advanced reporting and trend analysis
  • Cohesive analytics and decision support
  • Better resource utilization

Mobinius ranks among leading automation testing companies. We support your business objectives by designing an automation strategy aligned to business goals, and to your budget. To know more on how can we help you, please drop in a mail to