Creating innovative solutions with reduced costs

Mobinius Molecules™ is our very own framework which can help you reduce your time almost by 40!

Mobinius Molecules

Best platform for developing an effective application solution

With time being the most critical component for the entire development process, imagine if we can have a solution which is not only saving time, but also optimizes the right IT solutions in just some time – with a whooping saving of almost 30% – 60% overall, increasing the efficiency and the effectiveness of the application across web and mobile based platforms.

Mobinius Molecules™ was developed with the sole purpose of creating a Mobinius signature by following the current coding standards and provide the best possible re-usable module to any developer.

The need for creating Mobinius Molecules

Molecules are created for most commonly used components of any project. This is done for the developer to help in maintaining the Mobinius standard of coding, delivering the right product in time.

The birth of Mobinius Molecules™ was to help you choose the best in:

  • Creating innovative solutions at a faster pace with reduced costs;
  • resulting in better,
  • quicker and a
  • faster operational efficiency.

Advantages of using Mobinius Molecules™

  • Build and deploy quickly : The entire process of making and deploying the app is much more faster & user – friendly.
  • Deliver amazing customer experiences: A rapid, agile, frame work, which we have created as a result of an integrated platform.
  • Excellent and effective outcomes: Looking at crucial deliverables, along with stringent timelines, it becomes all the way important to ensure cost – effectiveness & efficiency of the same.
  • Rapid & agile IT solutions at your tips: Providing the right IT solutions, whilst keeping the consistent momentum with the growing technology at its pace, is what we thrive on.
Blockchain technology

What makes us different?

  • Rapid Product Development: Using our Mobinius Molecules™ – a rapid application development accelerator, we can integrate the standard application components and functions in the least time possible.
  • Scalable Micro Services Architecture: We believe in simplifying technology & integrating the micro services architecture – by re-suing the same codes or implementing the same as used earlier.
  • DevOps Friendly Framework:Hexagonal architecture consisting of business logic along with various adapters, thereby exposing API’s, making it easier to deploy distinct experiences for specific users, devices, or specialized use cases.
  • Complete Integrated Framework: By integration of front and backend components together our own set of codes provide the best framework, used to customize these components to application specifications.

Using the best practices – How can it benefit you

Using our Mobinius Molecules – a rapid application development accelerator we can do the following:

  • Amalgamate the standard application components and functions/ features in 20-50% less time than what it would take to develop from scratch.
  • In our own developed platform we have the integration of front and back-end components together.
  • Our own set of codes designed by us provide the best framework which is then used to customize these components to application specifications.
  • The most important part is it can be used in any language and any type of project. Even a simple API call can be done using this platform.
  • This service will have several components which can be downloaded

@Mobinius ™ we build / create platforms where codes can be shared. Yes! The same codes which have been used earlier for creating platforms/applications/some modules etc. This helps us to let go or move away the mainstream – monolithic architecture which every single tech expert or an organization does. To learn more on how can we help you escalate your business, e-mail us