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Mobinius leverages JavaScript frameworks and libraries to deliver lightweight yet highly functional web and mobile applications.

Javascript Framework

Why JavaScript for App Development?

JavaScript is a dynamic, object-based programming language that gives a new and dynamic dimension to static apps. JavaScript is a very popular framework that is being used extensively for building successful web and mobile apps that are highly interactive, user friendly and have HTML and CSS components as well.

JavaScript’s versatility and inherent dynamic nature is due to its various components as detailed below.

Meteor Framework

Meteor is excellent for both the client-side and the server-side, and reduces the amount of development time, and shortens the process.

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Angular JS

AngularJS is the front end of the MEAN Stack, is reliable, supports two way data binding, helps create custom HTML tags providing best light-weight solution.

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Ionic provides various tools & services for developing hybrid mobile apps using CSS, HTML5, Sass for quick and simple development of apps.

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Node JS

NodeJS is an open source platform that has a vast shared repository of tools and modules, giving the right technical architecture.

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React JS

React is another open source JavaScript library used for building dynamic UI with greater flexibility in less time to create large, complex apps.

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Best JavaScript Development Services

Mobinius offers best-in-class, comprehensive JavaScript development services for your business to help you realize your complex project requirements and long-term business goals.

jQuery Development

jQuery is a multi browser or cross browser JavaScript library. jQuery is used by a huge number of websites globally. Our skilled and dedicated jQuery developers build apps as per your requirement.

AngularJS Development

Let your users experience a smooth web performance with the use of AngularJS. We provide dedicated AngularJS developers for simple as well as complex web development projects.

ReactJS Development Services

We provide expert ReactJS development services to build highly-scalable and robust web/mobile app solutions for your business, without a single minute wasted for creating larger apps.

Plugin Development Services

We offer variety of plugin development services including custom themes development, incorporating a new theme design for a current site, and many more as part of our JavaScript web development services.

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Here are some of our core strengths that make us a preferred choice for custom JavaScript Development Services:

Our JavaScript Web Development Core Competencies

JavaScript Web

JavaScript web development aims to add interactive elements to your site and expand its functions. Such features are created with the help of JavaScript web.

JavaScript App Development

JavaScript app development involves such frameworks as PhoneGap and Sencha Touch, which are gaining popularity by reducing the development effort.

Server-Side Application Development

We use JavaScript to develop robust and powerful network applications, and make your server application much more scalable.

Why Mobinius for JavaScript Web Development?

Mobinius has a proven track record in JavaScript web development and app development, supported by the latest technologies and frameworks. Our proven innovations, test driven JavaScript development and quality control procedures have made us one of the trusted JavaScript development companies. To know more on how can you leverage your business solutions, please drop a mail to