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MEAN is a full-stack JavaScript solution that helps us develop fast, robust, and scalable web applications.

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Why You Should Pick MEAN Stack Development?

MEAN is a collection of JavaScript-based technologies that includes MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS and NodeJS.

Being lightweight and efficient, the MEAN stack has unleashed a new era of developing robust, swift and scalable web applications using its strong design patterns such as Model/View/Controller (MVC). It allows to develop the most complex projects in short span of time and deploy them faster than ever by using MEAN components.

MEAN Stack is the future of web and app development and using the above technologies MEAN can offer end-to-end web app solutions from client to server to database

We’re the Best MEAN Stack Development Company

We leverage the power of MEAN to develop lightweight and high-performance websites including social networking portals, fast and scalable APIs, gaming and video streaming platforms, as well as e-commerce portals.

MongoDB Development

We’re a trusted MongoDB development company and have developed several apps using MongoDB’s dynamic schema that has the ability to index data quickly along with auto-sharing.

ExpressJS Development

ExpressJS is a minimal, flexible and quick NodeJS web app development framework that comes with a wide-range of features for both web and mobile apps.

AngularJS Development

We have a rich development experience using AngularJS and have built engaging and intuitive front-end interfaces with MVC capability and restful APIs.

NodeJS Development

NodeJS has asynchronous event-driven JavaScript programming, which allows us to create infinitely scalable, lightweight and high-performance applications with strong social and video integrations.

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Why choose Mobinius for MEAN Stack Development?

Web and app development experts at Mobinius have unparalled expertise in MEAN Stack development team.

  • Global customer base in 5+ countries
  • 150+ projects delivered successfully
  • Google Certified Partner
  • Agile methodology that ensures timely completion of the projects
  • Faster and scalable web apps with MEAN Stack App development services
  • Dedicated team of MEAN Stack developers for maintenance and support
  • Flexible engagement models to suit various business requirements
  • Adherence to the highest quality standards
  • On-time and within budget MEAN Stack development project delivery
  • Our scalable MEAN Stack web solutions offer seamless integration with other codes and APIs

Mobinius is a leading MEAN Stack Development company addressing the diverse needs of clients from across the globe. We leverage MEAN technology to build robust web apps with enhanced features and functionality. For more info on this, do share your queries to