Tips to improve automation testing

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How can we improve automation testing

As we all are ware that in this digital age, we know that most of the apps are now easily downloadable as per the ease of access. And the entire app business is all about software. But surely, for most of us non – techies are okay with the good enough technical awareness then automation testing isn’t an old term for you. Automation testing is a process, which helps in providing the testing software with a lot of effectiveness and efficiency.

Ways to improve the Automation testing:
  1. Capture testing

    One should include some test cases in story cases along with the acceptance criteria highlighted by Business Analysts. This will motivate the developers / programmers / coders to get adapted to a specific point of view, helping them understand what type of tests should go in where.

  2. Approximation of Automation Testing efforts

    Always make a point to add the Quality Analysis in estimation sessions and, helping them to be accountable or responsible enough to make them explain the hurdles if any while doing the testing. For instance, a change in code might look small but can have a pretty massive impact on the entire application. It will require more tests which means a 1 pointer story might not be so.

  3. Check and run tests

    The QA lead or the analysts are the back bone when it comes to the QA department and, they authorized to check the tests which are a part of the story or the case study. It is on them that the entire onus lies and, they have to ensure that all the functionalities are working properly. It is also a phase where the leads along with the testers and developers discuss if the written tests are in the appropriate layers of the test pyramid and the data setup is right.

  4. Pay attention to Git

    It is of prime importance that the QA pays attention to all the features and qualities mentioned in Git Hub which have been used for testing, creating a better scenario of API’s and testing too. For example, if a change of code at a particular area impacts a functionality, automated tests for the affected functionality can be written. In an instance, where in we see that the comparison of the release branch or root with the master branch is beneficial, it is when the automation test coverage steeps a bit –ve towards the release, in accordance with a large manual regression phase.

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  1. Introduction of code coverage tools

    Code covering metrics are of a valuable help for teams to identify automated areas and, restrict the use of manual regression cycles, thus bringing a stop to manual testing.

  2. Always create an automation backlog board

    Once a coverage report is done, it is always better to analyze the functionalities which co-relate to a code. The next step after this is to create some test cards for these functionalities. Getting an automation backlog board ready in the project management tool with test cards, lending visibility to the task, which is to be completed and, ensures product quality.

  3. Automation of Backlogs

    The time that an automation backlog is ready, these operations can commence now:
    The QA and the BA can examine and also, prioritize on the backlog cards to automate it poor changes and, also ensure that the backlog is minimized. Post this allocating the functionalities among the QA to inculcate some ownership and and, responsibility is also important for closing the backlogged cards. Keeping track of ROI in terms of time saved can prove to be an essential record to seek approvals to clear an existing backlog.


Thus, it is important to make sure that a developed product is of a very high quality and, also it is of a high priority too when it comes as a collective priority of a project team. It is thus equally very important that the entire team has a very good understanding of the entire test pyramid so that the right kind of tests slot into the correct layers of the test pyramid.

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