Why & How to choose Best React Native Development Company?

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Top businesses always focus on achieving faster development, exceptional app performance, and of course, reduced development cycles. But the question mainly arises as to which are the aspects that a company would like to prioritize. This could be a provision of superior user experience while creating mobile applications. Or the focus could also lie on creating apps that are quicker to develop and are capable of working on multiple devices and platforms. React Native Developers can build react native ios apps as well as android apps.

In order to tackle such issues, hybrid mobile applications were introduced. They are quite similar in overall feel and look to a native mobile application. However, keep aside the basic frame, these apps are primarily fueled by the website of the business or company. Apps like these are created by working along with technologies that are known to most of the developers. These include JavaScript, CSS, and HTML5 that come in a package which enables the native working of your application on any device. Hybrid app development reacts native has been quite successful in recent years in achieving solutions to the above-mentioned issues. 

The React Native UI (User Interface) framework employed by Facebook has quite an edge while talking about such technology. React Native offers you with fidelity, excellent speed, and a feel similar to native apps. It retains the things you are used to in the case of React on the web, such as UI components that are self-contained and quicker development cycles while providing you these features. 

The process of developing mobile applications is continuously updated with the arrival of the react-native latest version. As a part of which react native web PWA has been gaining massive popularity as a new methodology in the field of mobile application development. 

An Introduction to React Native 

React Native is nothing but a crucial framework that was initially developed by Facebook. Such a framework is not just about the development of hybrid applications or simple mobile applications. React Native is a framework that enables one to create mobile apps that are way more identical to any application that is developed with the aid of Java or Swift. 

React Native mainly makes use of the exact same fundamental building blocks of UI that are employed by Android and iOS. Ultimately, these essential building blocks are set into their perfect places with the use of React and JavaScript. 

Working of React Native 

Those who are familiar with React in the case of the web will find it just as easy to work along with React Native. Working with React Native will also be a lot simpler in case of an hour already have prior experience in writing applications based on Swift or Java. 

React is a typical provision for user interfaces and is a JavaScript library. Its primary focus lies in the view parts of your app. This indicates that when you are writing an application based on React Native, your view portion (code) will display the React components. These are nothing but smaller portions of your code that imply how a particular part of your application must look. This is typically based on the input data set fed. The codebase can be reused to react-native Android and react native iOS apps.

Companies Working With React Native 

  • WhatsApp
  • Microsoft 
  • Pinterest
  • Google 
  • Facebook
  • Uber
  • Instagram
  • Pixar Animation Studios
  • LinkedIn
  • GitHub 
  • Twitter 
  • Airbnb, and many more. 

Advantages of React Native 

Here are some of the major advantages of React Native

  • Cross-Platform 

iOS as well as Android, both make use of different codebases. Therefore businesses tend to hire engineers that are capable of working on both the platforms. But when we talk about React Native, you no longer need to build separate applications for both iOS and Android. This framework assists the developers in reusing the common layer of logic throughout the web and any other operating systems. React native mobile developers use react native developer tools to create amazing react native mobile apps.

  • Truly Native in nature 

Native app creation refers to developing applications that are truly native to any operating system. There are numerous frameworks available that might ensure you with the creation of the best applications for iOS as well as Android. However, many of these apps turn out to be a great disappointment due to their inability to feel really native. 

On the other hand, React Native is a framework that enables the developers to develop native apps by taking into account all the native platforms. At the same time, it also allows your application to quickly share the codebase among various platforms. This reduces the additional react native app development cost that could have been added due to developing two separate applications. 

  • Readability 

One of the most important reasons why most businesses look up-to React native development services is mainly because of its extensive readability. Due to this, even those developers who are unfamiliar with this framework can easily work on it. On the contrary, other frameworks demand the developers have extensive knowledge about various concepts. 

  • The declarative style of programming 

React Native follows a declarative style of programming. In this case, the developers simply tell the application about what all things they plan on achieving. Imperative programming, on the other hand, requires the developers to specify the procedure in which things are to be achieved. Such a style of programming tends to reduce overall flexibility in the occurrence of things. 

  • Efficiency 

While discussing Native Script vs React Native, it is quite evident that the development of Native apps usually indicate slower deployment time, minimize 

developer productivity and inefficiency. 

React Native, on the other hand, is all about effective responsiveness, high speed, and great agility of development of web applications. The framework also adds superior user experience and effective processing to the hybrid space. This is mainly carried out to provide users with a truly native experience. 

  • Component-based structure 

A structure like this allows the Mobile App development with react-native based on the web style approach. Component-based structure enables the developers to develop applications that are much more refined. As a result of this, apps developed in React Native are built with a web style approach and more agility. 

react native development company

  • Community Backing 

Another crucial aspect of why many businesses choose to hire developers from react native development company is mainly because the major part of the code is JavaScript. This allows top companies to avail of the benefits of all the updates and improvements within the language. 

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Also, if you have good knowledge about JavaScript, then you will find React Native quite simple to understand. Benefits like these allow even the front end developers to play the role of becoming Mobile App developers. All it requires is for you to have knowledge about JavaScript, few UI elements, platform APIs, and a few other design patterns related to specific platforms. 

  • Reloading

Reach your business goals by choosing to react native app development company in India to achieve all your business goals within no time. React Native lets you reload the application quickly instead of opting for recompilation. You are basically offered two types of options : 

Live Reloading – Wherein you can reload your app after every edit and save it.

Hot Reloading – wherein it allows you to reload just the file that has been edited rather than the entire app. 

Final Thoughts 

For the native applications by modern web developers, React Native does hold great significance. However, concluding from the above section, it is quite evident that this might not necessarily be a perfect solution every time. 

Note that the most prominent requirement of complex apps is the development of native solutions. This is a typical reason why every react native app development agency chooses to hire react native app developers in large numbers. Or else it is quite evident that the development process could eventually slow down. 

Ultimately, React Native is the most recommended approach while dealing with applications that have lesser complexity in UI. With the use of this platform, you will certainly achieve great performance along with a truly native application. It’s best to opt for a react native app development company to avail of some of the best services in order to achieve your business needs. 


One of the most important advantages of React Native is that it can be used on multiple platforms. Also, the same code can be utilized for various operating systems, such as iOS and Android. You can easily build android and iOS apps with react native. 

React Native does make use of React and hence is not at all a different version altogether. Just like the way we have ReactDOM as the custom renderer for the web, similarly, we have React Native to React. 

React Native is comparatively a better option, especially when the apps most prominently rely only on the user interface. With the help of this framework, the app can run seamlessly on Android as well as iOS.

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