Right Cost Estimation for React Native Mobile Apps Development

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Nowadays, every business needs to get aid from the ever-evolving technology so that it can flourish in the future to a great extent. Whether it is a small business or big one, React Native development companies are there to help the business to evolve with the time. React Native companies are not only famous for the technology, but business-owners get numerous React Native advantages to develop their business with it. Mobile app development companies look forward to developing mobile apps with React Native because it is quite cost-effective. 

Although the price amount depends on the requirements of your mobile app development, it is better to hire React Native app developers to reduce the cost issues. Through this write-up, we try to focus on how to start React Native app development in a cost-effective way. Read this article thoroughly.

About React Native

Before discussing the React Native app development costs, we should have a brief idea of React Native and how it works. React Native is a cross-platform framework of JavaScript that helps the mobile app developers to write and develop native embedded apps for iOS and Android. Since it is based on React technology, it reduces the mobile app development costs. Along with JavaScript, React Native mobile apps are written using different structures like JSX, HTML/XML, etc. You can quickly get started with it by reading these official documents.

Why is React Native cost-effective?

Considering React Native app development services have some benefits which are useful for any cross-platform app development. One of the best selling points of React Native is its feature of cross-platform app development. Reactive Native allows the developers to develop applications on Android and iOS at the same time that can minimize the labor costs at least in half.

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React Native for iOS and Android ensures smooth app development and efficient coding without compromising the quality.  React Native is used to developing multiple apps, including social networks, enterprise software, etc. Instagram, Pinterest, Discord, and Salesforce are some of the leading apps built using React Native framework.

How much does it cost to do React Native app development?

We have already said that React Native is one of the most affordable mobile app development frameworks available in the market. The cost of developing React Native mobile apps depends on different factors. Also, the one code reusability feature makes RN more affordable compared to other frameworks. Know the various factors that make React Native cost-effective –

react native development services

  • App complexity: 

All the mobile apps available in the stores can be placed in a segment starting from low complexity to high complexity. Some of the factors behind this complexity include –

  1. Development of a feature-rich admin panel
  2. Architecture model deployment
  3. In-app purchases facility
  4. Option for Third-party integration 
  5. Legacy systems integration
  • User authorization

When an app requires user authorization that usually costs a little higher, which is set by the developers.

  • Add-ons

In the case of customer-oriented apps, they need to be integrated with social media channels. These custom add-ons also play an essential role in pricing and cost.

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  • App category

Different app’s elements such as functionality, number of real-time users, security considerations, etc. are included in the app category. React Native developers determine the cost depending on these features of your apps.

  • Design of the apps

Well, app design is also essential since it helps in smooth transitions, well-timed animations, and excellent user flow. But this seamless user experience or screen designing can affect the costs. But with React Native, you can cut the prices of app development because it only needs one app to be designed.

  • Experience of developers

The cost of hiring React Native developers can depend on several factors. Going for a freelancer connected to a Mid-cap company or High-cap company can be cost-effective. But you may have to compromise with the quality.

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The scope of React Native development is increasing day by day, and most of the mobile app developers are likely to work with the React Native latest version in 2020. Moreover, RN is also very flexible and straightforward compared to other available frameworks. Therefore there is a high chance that developers will show more interest in the React Native framework. Most of the companies are looking for React skills. As a result, more developers have started to learn React. So you can quickly search for a freelancer until and unless you have a complex project.

  • Location of the agency

Sometimes the cost of development depends on the agency’s site. Like the mobile app developers in USA charge higher than the Eastern countries. So, outsourcing your project can help to reduce development costs.

react native development

  • Distribution of apps

Google Play or App Store charges around $100 as a cost for the developer license when you want for distribution of your apps. Sometimes the apps also require the host’s permission for standards and security policies.

  • Maintenance of apps

You need to update your app continuously for better user experience. The maintenance cost is nearly 20% of the total cost of app development, including app updates, bug fixes, and design changes.


React Native offers you one of the cheapest frameworks for mobile app development that the developers can economically develop mobile apps. React Native 0.61 is also handy for budget-friendly app development. So, hire the right React Native app developers and get React Native apps at a lower cost to grow your business effectively.


Generally, React Native mobile app development services charge around $25 per hour, but it mostly depends on the complexity of the apps.

React Native can minimize the app development cost because you just need to code once for this cross-platform, and it will work compatibly with different platforms.

The cost of a simple mobile app depends on its complexity and required features. It generally starts from $10K and goes higher accordingly.

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