The Key Advantages Of Using React Native!

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The react native is a development framework that is originated by facebook, but if you are wondering why one should choose to react native, then we give you 5 reasons why. Take a look at why react native is the favourite of all the developers in recent times.

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  • It Is Community Driven –

    The development of the react native started as late as 2013. It combines the advantages of a normal mobile app developed alone with the react environment advantages making the blend one of the best things ever. There is a strong development community that is willing to share the expertise as well as the knowledge with everyone ready to learn about it.

  • Cost Effective –

    With the help of reacting native the same code can be used both for android as well as iOS deployment. This will make huge savings on the development cost as well as the time required to do both separately. Also, the effort will be cut in half, so it is one of the major reasons why developers nowadays are preferring react native more.

  • Live Reload –

    There is a live reload feature that will enable you to immediately look at the results of the change you have made in the code. If you have edited a code snippet, then you will be able to immediately see the alterations that have been made in the output.

  • Great Performance For Mobile Environment –

    The architecture is amazingly suited for mobile devices. Makes the use of GPU whereas, on the other hand, normal native platforms use more of the CPU. This is why react native is super fast and preferred by the people more than normal native platforms. It is a delight for every developer.

  • Modular As Well As Intuitive Architecture –

    If the developers want to delve in a project made by someone else and make modifications on it then it is really easy to do so. This will increase the flexibility among the team of developers and makes it easier to interact with one another.

So these are the 5 advantages that the developers get when they use react native. At Mobinius we will develop full react native based mobile applications so that it is easier for both the users and the developers to operate and maintain the app smoothly. Get advanced, react native is the way to the future.

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