Why Angular 2 is a platform, not just framework?

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Angular 2 is no more in beta. Yep that’s the good news you may already have learnt from other various source. It was pushed to “Release Candidate 2” candidate this month.  You can starting using it for small application – However keep this in mind – Google team is working on new route implementation. Hence they have deprecated the current route component of Angular.
Of course, there are few rocks star companies & developers who have already started using it in production.
That’s on its way, let’s jump in to the topic of this blog – Why Angular 2 is platform…


Angular 2 is complete write up from scratch which uses ES6 standards implementation. Angular 2 promotes a concept of components and see application as a collection of components. The thought itself promote reusability and make every component with specific purpose.
As days further, many 3rd party components would be available. Developers would use these components into angular application and leverage its functionality & features. Google’s “Polymer Project” was built on same lines and sooner or later angular would be glue between components.

Type Script

JavaScript had been most used and confused language for many years. It has its own convention of implementing object oriented programming. With the arrival of new transpilers such as TypeScript development has been standardized. The conventions are pretty similar to that of other object oriented programming languages such as C#, PHP etc.
TypeScript has been used at the core of Angular 2. Of course you can use dart for angular 2, however not much of documentation is yet available in this line. Typescript with Angular 2 has made code more maintainable & readable.

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Angular 2 for Backend Languages

Soon angular will be available in Java, .Net, Python!
Yes, you have read it right. Angular team is working multi-platform capability where you can use angular 2 in above mentioned backend languages & as well as in non-JavaScript applications. One of the keynotes of Fluent (A new language by Google for cross platform programming – I will blog about it as well soon) confirmed that angular will be available in PHP as well.  Once this in place Angular will be a first Multi-language full stack platform.

Angular 2 – Full stack

You can use angular end to end for your next project. Angular Universal is a core Angular project helps you to achieve this. It enables use of Angular 2 on a Node.js server for the purposes of server side rendering. Using the same technology across the whole stack will help you to reduce development time and increase code maintainability

Angular Cli

In one line, Angular CLI makes seeding, building of your angular 2 project very easy.
It is a separate project from Angular team – still in beta – but have almost all features required for your project starting from change watch to compiling SCSS to code quality analyzer to build scripts. It’s a only tool you need to start a new front-end project.

Angular Mobile App

Don’t be in a false perception that Angular is just for web. It’s really not – you can build hybrid mobile app as well as cross platform desktop application with angular.
There are 2 notable project which helps to build mobile app – ionic & NativeScript. One of the best approach angular team have taken is they have collaborated with non-Google teams like native scripts as well. This has enabled the use of angular 2 with NativeScript.  Developers can develop mobile app with NativeScript/ ionic which both make use of angular 2.

Angular Desktop

Electron is an open-source project from GitHub that lets us create cross-platform desktop applications with web technologies. It doesn’t matter which specific framework we use; if it works for the web, it works for Electron. We can use Angular 2 for Electron apps – Nothing much comes from angular team here.
All that said; there is all possibility of Angular 2 becoming new paradigm change in the world of mobile & web development – to an extent even in desktop development. Just keep close look on angular 2 announcements & community contributions to know it better.

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