The Top 5 Node Javascript Trends To Look Out For

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Out of all the fortune 500 companies in 2019, 98% of them are known to use Node.js in the technology stack, and this is why technology is growing faster than ever before. Every release of the node is used by high-end companies, and we believe that it is going to be used even more in the coming years. What are some of the best node.js trends that are going to be big this year? Take a look at them.

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  • The Server fewer Solutions –

    A server-less solution is one in which you are in no way concerned with the maintenance of the servers in which your application is running on. The team mainly focuses on the software part only, and so hardware related issues are much less. Node is going to provide us with complete server less solutions.

  • The Micro Services And Orchestrators –

    This is an alternate to the server less movement, and in large scale products the micro-services that are written in Node.js is going to shine. This helps you improve the maintainability and eliminate any kind of technical debt that might be in the current stack.

  • Graph QL –

    The GraphQL is likely to get a lot more traction in this year. GraphQL makes the use of nodes to give you the best in house apps that are going to be really cost effective a highly functional. So just wait for GraphQL to become big in the coming days.

  • Cloud Computing –

    Node.js will help you not just to build a new product but also to enhance any pre-existing product. Cloud computing will help the users to use some of the most varied service models. It is a lot easy to do base in the cross production and gives amazing scalability to users.

  • Real-Time Provisioning Of Web App –

    Node.js is known to perform particularly well under heavy loaded conditions, and so if you are working on a real-time web project, it is a good option to watch out for. There are numerous applications which will need real-time response and node.js comes into play there.

So these are the 5 node trends that are going to blow up in the current year. Mobinius specialises in node related development and if you want to experience the same, visit us today to get a taste of modern technology.

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