Cross Platform Mobile App Development – Advantages and Disadvantages

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Rapid developments in the field of mobile technology have brought with it great improvement in cross platform mobile app development. Basically, multi-platform apps are designed to work on different platforms such as iOS, Window, Android and more. As with all technological developments, enterprise mobile application development also comes under the scanner of pros and cons. Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of these mobile applications.

Cross Platform Mobile App Development

Reduced Development Costs

The first and foremost advantage of developing a multi-platform application is that it reduces costs. When compared to the time and effort required to develop a separate application that works on different platforms, designing and developing one that works on many platforms will definitely result in reduced expenses.

Wider Reach

More people will be willing to download your application when they know that it can be used across a range of mobile devices.

Reusable Code

Cross platform mobile app development enhances efficiency as parts of the code can be rewritten and used for different applications.

Easy Marketing

As the application works on different platforms, it becomes easy for companies to market the product. It also reduces effort and expense required for advertisement and marketing.

Simple Integration

It is also easy to integrate a multi-platform app in different systems.


Enterprise mobile application development also has a flip side. The plus points of multi-platform applications may themselves be the reason for its inefficiency. Some of the cons of such applications are:

Decreased Speed

Unlike applications designed for specific platforms, cross-platform apps could run slowly.

Limited Support

As the focus of the cross platform mobile app development is on deploying on multiple platforms, the core performance may not be given top priority. So, the number of features and suites in the app may be less. Plus, it may not be able to support graphics or 3D.

Vendor Lock

While developing such apps, developers may use a set of Java Scripts, which may become void when the app is used on a different platform, if the vendor had set some limitations. So, even if the application is created, it cannot be deployed, leading to loss of effort and investment.

There are plenty of pros and cons of Enterprise mobile application development, but such applications are popular in the market. Organizations looking to promote their mobile presence can efficiently make use of such enterprise mobile applications for wider reach and easier marketing.
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