Benefits of using React JS in the dynamic world of web development

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React is a JavaScript library for developing user interfaces which can be used as a base in building single-web page or mobile applications. It is maintained by Facebook alongside developers’ community. In the dynamic front end world, we often get lost in the framework mess but this simple yet flexible JavaScript library will definitely make your way out. Once you are in the path of using React you will have hundreds of reason to love it. Following are the few to consider:

Reusable components

User Interfaces is described using components in React. We can think of components as simple functions. Functions are called with some input and they give us some output. We can reuse functions as needed and create bigger functions from smaller ones. Like components, functions take inputs as ‘properties’, ‘states’ and gives User Interfaces as output. We can reuse a single component in multiple User Interfaces, and components can contain other components which makes an application stable, consistent and have less repeating codes.

Liberty of integration

React is expected to be used in tandem with other libraries, and it doesn’t assume anything about what else is being used in our stack. For example, for simple pages a state management with React is usually good enough. However, to manage complex pages there are various libraries (Redux, Flux, Mobx) to choose from and React allows to select any solution that works great for our application. Also, we have complete liberty to decide what extent of React to use in our applications and can be comfortably used as a view layer with other technologies on controllers.

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React js is future

React is growing fast and getting its popularity since 2013, as it has been addressing a lot of difficult and frustrating parts of web development. From being flexible, unique, versatile library for web development it also has helped a lot in mobile application development with React Native. Release of ReactVR to build Virtual Reality experiences for web platform has extended its boundaries. Each year we have various new features added up that only makes React better than yesterday. Though React has made things a lot easier it shows us the new possibilities to grow more everyday.

Code reusability and data binding:

React JS can create an Android web application and supports code reusability. Also it can create an Android web application. It uses one side data binding and also flux which is an application architecture to controls the flow of the data from one point. It is a helpful feature with respect to web application development and can help us in many ways. Data binding and code reuseability are considered to be essential factors.

Reliable Performance

The concept virtual Document Object Model is regarded as one of the greatest advantages of React in comparison with established frameworks, including AngularJS. For the virtual DOM work and to load HTML document, React creates a lightweight DOM tree from JavaScript objects and saves it on the server.

The library discovers dissimilarities between two object models in such a way and builds the virtual DOM once again, but with new changed HTML. All this work takes place on the server, hence reduces load on the browser.

After that, instead of sending new HTML to the browser, React sends the HTML only for the changed element. This innovative way of using React is more efficient than using AngularJS. As for one-way data binding, React do not use watchers to track changes in the real DOM. Overall, React makes it easier to control application performance.

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