Latest Android 11 Version: Features and all other useful details

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In the field of Operating System, Android 10 has brought a revolution for Google, which not only provides the chance to work around Dark mode, but has started a new era for Android app developmentThis version helped to grow the Operating System supported by Google, and the Android latest version also works with the same principles. Android 11 is almost ready to be taken as a powerful operating system by Google. The Android developers are waiting eagerly while the stakeholders are also holding their breath to see how it works. But at first, we should know the Android 11 features before discussing how it is going to dominate the development of mobile apps.

Features of Android 11

  • Advanced features for messaging

  1. Android 11 comes up with different features, and improvement for messaging on Android is one of them. Android companies are likely to use this feature for better messaging experience for the users. The upgrades are like—
  2. With the help of Chat bubbles, it can hide all the running conversations on the side of the screen, keeping them inside little bubbles. The bubbles can be easily moved, and it needs a simple tap to open a particular conversation.
  3. You will find a conversation section in the notification bar exclusively made for a real-time messaging experience that helps you to get access to all the running conversations at ease.

You can easily send images while answering to a message with Android 11.

  • Single-time permission

In the case of the previous Android version, it was very easy to maintain app permission. It allowed the users great control and easy access to the apps. Android 11 is also following the trend. It enables the Android development company to create such android apps that access the user’s permission while the app is being used. Once the user quits the app, the permissions granted are revoked. 

  • In-built screen recorder

Android users will be very happy with this most awaited in-built screen recorder features. Finally, Google has incorporated it in Android 11. Though this feature is not something that will come into work on a day-to-day basis, it has a very simple function. If you want help from any Android development services, they will help you to develop your mobile apps with a polished UI that will let you record audio hassle-free.

  • Multiple screen adaption

Foldable devices of the Android ecosystem is going to have some true advancements in this year. There will be new additions, including screen sizes and resolutions in the market of foldable smartphones. With a view to that, Android 11 is developed in such a way that it works compatibly with the foldable smartphones.

  • 5G Preparation

Most of the mobile app development services are being prepared for 5G after it came in the news last year. Since many industries are being affected by the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020, the demand for 5G technology is increasing gradually. Android 11 comes up with “Dynamic Meterdness API,” which is very important for smartphones to use all the advantages of 5G completely. As soon as the API gets the 5G connection, it will automatically adjust every aspect to the high speed and its other amazing features.

Now that we have come to know the features of Android 11, next, we will discuss how it can bring change in cross-platform app development for Android mobile apps.

Advantages of Using Android 11 for Development

According to the developer preview documentation of Android 11, it is majorly categorized into three parts, including behavior changes, Privacy features, and New features and APIs. All of these categories have some pointers that have a great impact on the performance of the Android app.

  • Restrictions of permission

The mobile app developers can develop such android mobile apps with Android 11 that allows the users to restrict app permission because it helps to discourage multiple requests for single permission. When the users double click on”Deny” for a particular permission, it implies “Don’t Ask Again.” It means that you have to make it clear why you are asking for permission via MVP features or marketing methods.

  • Privacy of the used stats

Another benefit of Android, especially this latest version is that it can protect user’s data and store the app usage statistics in credential encrypted storage. It ensures that no apps or system can access this data without specific coding work. It basically depends on two conditions –

    1. Users unlock their android devices after system start-up
    2. Users change the account on their devices

Therefore, you need to get assistance from a mobile app development company to view your app usage statistics.

  • Less data redundancy

In the case of media playback or machine learning, the application may require to use the same large database for another application. Previously both the apps had to download the copy of the datasets separately. But with Android 11, it is easy to reduce data redundancy on disk and network by using shared data blobs.

  • Clarity on app Process

The developers can use the cross-platform frameworks to develop Android mobile apps with Android 11, where the app owners are not allowed to collect data around crash diagnostics if the process has erased from the memory. This is an advantageous feature of Android 11.

android app development services

  • Incremented APK installation

Google has incorporated incremented APK installation into Android 11 to save time while updating the apps. Therefore it takes less time to launch the app by keeping the rest of the data streaming in the background.

  • Supports neural network applications

There are some apps that depend on machine learning and neural networks. Android 11 is extremely helpful for such apps to run the machine learning effectively with the help of neural networks API 1.3

  • Beneficial for 5G technology

At this present situation, 5G is very useful for mobile apps. Android 11 is able to support 5G that offers better streaming speeds, rapid file transfer, and zero latency, which means it will provide an engaging user experience to develop your business.

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The Final verdict

In this write-up, already, we have tried to highlight different aspects of Android 11 and its benefits for mobile app development. Now we have seen the users commonly ask how long does it take to develop an Android app. You have to keep patience here because there is a wide time gap between a new operating system is launched and companies start to use it for developing their applications. However, the leading android development company in India, along with other companies across the world, has started to work with Android 11 by perusing the developer preview documents, which means you can easily migrate your application to Android 11 in the near future.


Android Operating System is designed by Google to be used on different mobile devices including smartphones and tablets. It works compatibly with different device made by different manufacturers. You are also able to customise your device with the help of Android OS.

Yes, Android 11 fully supports 5G technology that provides high speed streaming, quick file transfer and zero latency for a high-quality customer experience.

Features like single-time permission, in-built screen recorder etc. are completely new in this latest version of Android Operating System that makes it different from others.

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