The Growth of Android App Development in India

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India is one of the fastest growing countries in the world, especially in the field Information Technology. No other field has grown as rapidly in such a short period of time as mobile app development in the country. With the increase of Android Phones in India, it is only logical that the Android Application Development Companies are hiring developers at high rate.
It is estimated that the number of people using Smartphone will reach nearly 2 billion this year. This phenomenal increase in the number of users automatically means widening of the market for mobile app development. Moreover plenty of online stores are now looking to come up with customized mobile apps that will encourage users to directly browse their online platform through these applications. All these factors are just an indicator of the incredible rise in the requirement for mobile app development.

Being the most popular platform for Smartphones, Android users are asking for more and more apps. This demand provides a high job opportunity for app developers. Every year thousands of freshers enter in the field of IT and choose app development as their career path. Android app development companies in India, both small scale and MNCs are looking for fresh talent that can bring in innovation to their products.

Android App Development Company

If you are a fresher who is looking to enter the field or an employee who is trying to change course, an Android application development company would be a great choice as it has great scope. Having Java as base, Android is the most versatile platform among the Smartphone application platforms. There are lots of options available in app development to choose from. The requirement for mobile game development is also rising with the higher number of people preferring to game on the go with their cell phones. So, many Android App Development Companies in India are looking for ways to venture into game development. Other options for android development applications include developing user apps such as messengers, utility apps and more.

With the huge market for android apps, the future indeed looks rosy for development companies as well as skilled and talented programmers.

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