Guide to Create an Outstanding Mobile App to Outsmart the Competitors

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In the present fast-paced world, one can never underestimate the power and impact of technology from the smallest to biggest of things, from entertainment to business and much more. One finest and apt example is the importance of mobile apps in daily life. Our lives might remain standstill and so burdened without them. 

From a business point of view too, it’s inevitable to develop and own right apps, as the benefits of mobile application are vast and benefits of a mobile app over website is also evidently found these days. Apps improve brand loyalty, target mobile marketing, enhance sales, raise revenue generation, and offer much more lucrative benefits. 

According to sources, the worldwide revenue of mobile apps comprises of 462bn USD. It means it is time to invest your time and money in this, as it is an evergreen business!

Thus, if one is confused over choosing the right kind of app to be developed for the business/completely blank about creating a splendid app as a business, explore and understand the process and tips in creating an outstanding one to outsmart the competitors. 

Step by Step Guide to Create an Outstanding Mobile App to Outsmart your Competitors

The Story Behind Successful Apps

Thus, after visibly finding the reach and impact of mobile applications in the present world and the advantages of using mobile apps for business, one must design accurate, precise, and wonderful apps that would never be faded from the lives of people. Successful apps like Whatsapp, Angry Birds, etc. Have different stories of success. But the common point that brought them success is the “useful functionality” they possessed. Hence, major factors like uniqueness, usefulness, engagement, user-friendliness, performance are the major ones that drive users towards an app. 

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Developing A Successful App  

An app can be successful if it’s a new idea and offers an alternative solution for a certain situation.  Also, the idea for the app must be well – planned, organized, managed, and executed.  Also, one must also be ready to take the risk if the concept is nice, but it is unique and something novel. But, all these efforts would secure one and help in having splendid and great returns too. The step to step guide for having a successful app are: 

  • Hosting a Market Research

Besides a great idea, every developer must understand if his/her/their ideas are unique enough, the competition for the app, tiding among another set of apps, etc. A concrete analysis is required for analyzing, understanding, and spotting the potential users of the app. Also, the prospective developers must grab the learning from the competitors, both the pros and cons of their app, learn how to how to improve mobile app performance,  etc., and must take the essential lessons from their journeys.

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Also, many other techniques to know the desires of the actual potential audience is also available, and mobile app developers must at least try a few of them. For example, the app concepts can be framed, or insight can be obtained by attending tech webinars, startups, hackathons, and understanding their new ideas to craft the app to emerging trends in the future. Also, surveys, polls, questionnaires among the prospective potential audience, can let the developer understand the real needs of the audience.

  • Target audience coverage

Mobile app ideas can be designed either catering to specific needs of the target population/ can stretch its wings in serving a wider population. If it focuses on a particular set of population, the amount of traffic entering is very less, but almost all those who use would be converting to loyal customers.

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In the case of the latter, the amount of potential audience one is exposed to is huge, but the competition would also be so fierce. But, for any of the both, define the app objective first – it must offer a solution to a certain crucial thing and must always be useful.

  • Finalizing the Idea

One might be very vague in the sense of just having thought of app development, but not knowing where to start. On the other extreme, one can have multiple ideas and feels like all can be executed. But the actual ground reality and the market demands only one app- with a killer idea, in a way people can’t resist but they can only come back for more. The killer idea must be the core feature, what it has to offer, which one can understand with the market analysis.

  • Minimum Viable Product 

Finalizing the idea can also involve formulating the very basic version of the app/prototype, called a Minimum Viable Product. It resembles the app but holding only the minimum features required for satisfying customers, enough for explaining to angel investors, using for the beta testing in one’s actual target group, etc. Along with the minimum viable product, one should also plan for a catchy, SEO – friendly, recognizable app name, the right keywords for the app. Also, best reviews for apps after visual demonstration like screenshots, and amazing app press kit like demo videos, etc., must be created for pre-launch marketing. 

  • App Strategy 

Just simply progressing towards app launch, implementation can pave the way for an underperforming service/product. Thus, every app should be given enough time for accurately crafting every bit of the app. Hence, mobile app architecture should be offered its time to evolve completely.

Attention to every single detail like welcoming the users for their first time usage, gratitude for using the app, actual, specific goals of the app and extensions, add-ons, and collaborations in the future must be clearly portrayed. Also, the developers must also take care that as great the idea is, so must be its execution without any faults that would spoil the aura of the ambiance when users use it. 

Thus, one must also define if its technically a web app / native app ( which can be accessed in one platform / both iOS and Android systems ) / hybrid one. There must be clarity over this aspect as there is cross Platform Mobile App Development, React native development, react native developers, etc.  Thus, the platform for app development must be rightly chosen, since it can touch the core feature too, upon which the app was built.

Also, the next major factor to be considered is the budget planned for the successful development of the app, which in turn depends on the developers, complexity/features in app, etc. Since the mobile app development cost shouldn’t drain one of one’s budget, energy, and enthusiasm.

Also, one must choose the category of app one wishes to offer to the users – free models, freemium apps( where only the premium features are purchased additionally, completely paid apps, the model of cross-selling of the apps, and much more are available. One must choose the apt category, abiding by the characteristics of core features and focussing on the needs of the potential audience. 

  • Technically sound aspects

The UX ( User Experience ) / UI design (User Interface Design) are a few crucial elements to concentrate on for technically being easily accessible by the users. UI/UX development can be done neatly and professionally by a mobile UI UX design company, where one can hire mobile app developers and finish off tasks in no time.

It can be accomplished by following the guidelines for designing a perfect app for iOS and Android. Also, an alternative responsive design of lesser cost can also be designed for avoiding huge expenses at the start itself. Meanwhile, the highest amount of care must also be offered for minute details like graphics, high-quality images, sound effects, themes, visual appeal, and interactions since they also matter a lot. 

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The add-ons must be simple, handy, and yet be having high value for its inclusion. Finally, it would be great if the app also follows the 2 taps, 5 points, 98% rule. It means the app should help a user accomplish what he wants to do in just two steps; also, one point is given to color, font, size of elements in a screen, etc. Thus, if elements in a screen are adding more than five points, implying that too much is there, the screen/page should be redesigned. Lastly, the app must be usable, at least 98% of the time. Most importantly, above all is the logo that portrays the story the company wants to say, and hence it must be beautifully designed since it’s also a vital tool in branding.

  • The process of development

After designing all, one must put forth all ideas, execute and develop the app rightly. App’s core featured must be incorporated well, for those were the features impressing the audience. Next, since today’s world is impatient and fast-paced, the simple registration process can help in sustaining the interested ones. Then, the app must develop a channel of transfer of information for ensuring personal touch and keep the users posted with notifications and tags. Other essential and required features is the feature of offline usage, and the app being supported in both iOS and  Android systems. Simultaneously, offering the app for free can bring in more interested users and ensuring easy sharing of information about the app is needed. At the same time, the maximum importance is the security the app offers. Even from MVP until the actual app, the customers must be assured that they are in safe hands. 

  • Marketing 

Almost all apps are made with a primary goal of earning money. It’s a well-known fact that even the most memorable and best of benefits from an app is obtained only at later and different stages of the life of the app. But, costs are all accumulated at a single point. Thus, instead of not giving all the money to app development, one must also reserve a significant part of the investment to marketing. It is because of the importance and inevitability of marketing – only efficient marketing takes the product to the right audience. Meanwhile, one can also seek a business analyst’s help for right and appropriate marketing strategies. 

  • Launch 

As important as the development is the deployment of an app. Proper testing, conducting the beta – testing, integrating, and collaborating with analytics tools must be done before deploying/ launching.

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Clearly understanding the target audience, analyzing launch strategies, and using the right one, is also very much required. The launch must also be scheduled, controlled, and be in the right time. 

  • Benchmarking in the app stores

Analyses have found that only 10% of all the apps available in the major distributors, the app stores are downloaded as they occupy top charts, offer curated content, and also have got attractive and SEO–Friendly Keywords. It implies that top mobile apps and the latest trends in mobile app development are always at the top, inspiring more people to download. Hence, one must aim at making the app reach the top of charts, meaning that makes more installations of the app in a short period of time. App store optimization, advertising, and Public Relations helps in accomplishing it.

  • Promotion

The interesting sector is that to make one technology popular ( the apps), we use other technologies that are popular like social media. Also, receiving and retaining the attention of the press by offering the summary guide, demo videos, and screenshots can really help amongst the press to grab the attention of the potential audiences. Seeking the help of influencers, using alternative app stores,  Search Engine Optimization, creation of a landing page, etc. are other profitable steps. 

  • Metrics

Metrics actually measure the real success of the app amongst the users. Major metrics to be considered are – user engagement, app performance, customer acquisition, and customer satisfaction. Collecting metrics regularly and analyzing the users, sharing, experience, recommendation, feedback, their demographics are also essential, to understand how contagious the app is among the users, and to know if there is anything to be improved. 

  • App Engagement and complete Support

After the untiring efforts in Mobile app backend development, having a great launch, making it great in app stores, it is also important to extend continuous support and engagement for rendering the users our fullest service. And also they would have brand loyalty and consistency from us. All of their suggestions, comments, critical appreciations, and reviews must be thoroughly analyzed, and they must be offered the best experience. Novel features, regular and consistent updates, fixing bugs, quality control, can be other amusing support extended.

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Technology is always interesting, and so are the apps. Be developed for business/ developed as a business; they can render excellent returns if proper efforts, time, and energy are collectively rendered at the start.  Also, amongst the latest app trends, one must craft awe-inspiring apps to sustain in the market for which the steps like the aforementioned would aid. 

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