Java vs Kotlin: What to choose for your Business Mobile App in 2020?

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While talking about the development of an upcoming business app, Android tops the list for being the most preferred platform for emerging entrepreneurs due to the amazing benefits that it offers. Some of the major benefits offered by this platform include quicker deployment time, high ROI, low investment, and a surprisingly huge user base. 

Android app development has been consistently acting as a boost for various growing businesses and also has numerous positive impacts on the same. As a result of this, many entrepreneurs are now looking forward to developing an Android app that is highly equipped with the various emerging technologies that work towards providing one of the best user experience.

Mobile App Development Company

Mobile App Development Company

However, the common question that arises in the minds of entrepreneurs in which programming language is the best for developing their Business Mobile App. The programming languages that are applicable to this process are basically of two types – Kotlin and Java. The battle between the two has been going on for quite a few years just after the surprising announcement by Google stating Kotlin as their official language for app development

But the major concern arising today is as to which programming language you need to prefer for your business app. To find the solution to this question, take a look at both the players.

Java: In a nutshell

Java language follows object-oriented programming. It is a simple programming language Also, Java language proffers Write Once Run Anywhere Rule. This PL is typically used for creating mobile applications, desktop, and web enterprise. Java developers have packed this language along with various beneficial tools that play a crucial role in Java Development.

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Though Java has been the main language when it comes to android development, Java development company works on providing efficient Java programs in various other sections such as big data technologies, governmental apps, web apps, etc. 

Benefits of Java:

1.It is simple, easy to understand. 

2.It has the power to run on a browser window or a virtual machine, which is beneficial for reusing code. 

3.Highly suitable for cross-platform apps. 

4.This programming language is known to have a broad ecosystem.

Disadvantages of Java :

1.It can possibly cause errors within the design of the Android API. 

2.There are possibilities of a significant increase in bugs and errors due to longer code lines in Java.

3.Java tends to consume a lot of memory and is quite slow compared to the others. 

Kotlin: In a nutshell

Kotlin is an amazing programming language that totally complements with Java. JVM (Java Virtual Machine) incorporates this language and provides a plethora of features. This PL is currently being utilized in android development, server, and web development. The original Kotlin developers– JetBrains- are currently working on bringing this programming language to iOS and frameworks too. 

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The Kotlin App development is prominent among multiple backend developers due to the extraordinary features that it provides, which include clearer language design and other features that are truly beneficial for large scale ventures. 

Benefits of Kotlin :

1.Kotlin comes along with extension functions that promote the development of robust APIs.

2.One of the major pain points of Java is that this programming language has a null incorporated in its type system. 

3.Kotlin is comparatively more concise than Java. 

4.The Kotlin app developers can code efficiently with the help of IDEs.

Disadvantages of Kotlin :

1.In comparison to Java, the compilation speed of this PL is quite low. 

2.The applications developed from Kotlin are not compact. 

3.It’s quite tough to find a professional in Kotlin’s development

Now that we have a clear idea about both the programming languages let us find out which out of the two is best for the development of your business app. 

Comparison Between Java and Kotlin

  • Application performance

The performance of any particular application is reliant on numerous key features that could include code quality, developer’s experience, etc. A comparison between the performance of both the programming languages shows that both of them are equally competent and share the same scale. 

Comparison between Java and Kotlin

Comparison between Java and Kotlin

But finally, when it comes to implicit structures, and consecutive increment builds, we can conclude that the Kotlin App development services can be quite favorable while comparing the two with respect to their performance. 

  • Android Studio 3.0 support 

As has been observed, Java’s significance has been consistently reducing in terms of the Android ecosystem as a result of which the recent version SE 10 of Java does not have any support from the Android Studio. Due to this reason,  Kotlin development company has been gaining significant importance as Kotlin has been successful in grasping the potential of the recent versions available. 

  • Code Quality

As has been previously mentioned, Java has longer coding lines as compared to Kotlin that has the edge over the other PL due to the advantage of having Concision. When the coding lines are lesser, the functionality gets better, and the frequency of errors and bugs reduces. 

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Apart from this, Kotlin also provides an amazing range of easy to work with functionalities that include coroutines, extensions, null – safety, and more. 

As a result of this, we can conclude that a Kotlin android development company will be able to construct a safer and robust code with lesser efforts. 

  • Adoption Cost

Kotlin being open-source is free to be used, and you can explore the language easily by simply translating it with the help of a converter. Apart from this, Kotlin is also compatible with numerous Java Frameworks and also marvelously integrates tools such as Ant, Kobalt, Maven, and Gradle.  

To begin with, Kotlin is definitely the best language since it is quite easy and can be swiftly introduced in all your existing ventures, which simply indicates that your current investments and skills would rain preserved. 

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Some Last Words

After the comparison between the two languages, it is evident that the ultimate choice would certainly depend upon the project details. There may be projects where Java might turn out to be superior, while in others, it might be just the opposite. Eventually, the backend development company that works on any of the two will have to consider the pros and cons of each of the PL, as mentioned above. 

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