How Will AI Transform the Workplace Soon?

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How Will AI Transform the Workplace Soon?

AI would enhance the customer experience. AI would help businesses flourish. AI would do this and AI would do that! We keep talking about the bigger picture most of the time. But there are some tiny changes that AI has been and will be bringing about. And it is these changes that are going to have a long term impact on the workplace environment. We talk about the ways to gauge the customer experience and the ways to improve it. Keeping that on one side, there is one other thing that businesses should strive for to ensure a smoother workflow- employee experience.
We have already been using AI, in various forms like chatbots, in our day to day lives in several places. So it is not a surprise that the modern workplaces are now adopting AI to reform the way we work. You might already have a lot of AI-based applications integrated into your work place even without realizing it.
Talk about AI in the workplace, you do not have to picture yourself working in a virtual environment with mixed reality being seamlessly integrated and you have your headset on, participating in a virtual conference with your team from all parts of the world! Well, we are getting there sometime soon, but not yet! For now that scenario is simply a “work-in-progress”. There is a lot of other things that have been happening due to the incorporation of AI in the workplace and these little things are causing a huge leap that is very much needed in the work environment today.

Employee retention is not an easy task

The job market is volatile and the hiring patterns keep changing. Employee motivation is getting tougher. Much like the competitive market which makes the customer retention tough these days, even the retention of relevant talent is getting tougher. As the motivational factors that employees expect keep changing, they are always ready to switch between jobs so as to achieve the career growth they desire. And in a majority of the cases, companies that do not take efforts and focus on improving the employee experience, end up losing great minds to their competitors. So every business small or big is now making it a point to adopt the best strategies to improve the workplace scenario to make work a little less stressful and a little more employee friendly.

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AI in job hunting

To being with AI can help job hunters. Or to put it the right way, AI can help establish a connection between the recruiters and relevant talents. AI would make it easy for the recruiters to pick out from the vast pool of resumes and find the ones that really would match the profile. And from the job hunter’s perspective, AI would make it easy to find jobs. One other aspect that is really helpful is the automation of job hunt. One of the biggest blunders that job hunters do is to start looking for a job when the need arises. But it would be a good idea to maintain an updated profile to gain a competitive edge in the job market. AI can be used to compare the current job profile, the compensation and the designation to the industry standards and help employees understand whether they are getting what they deserve. This would in turn help the employees work on their career growth and find relevant jobs easily and quickly.

HR management done right

Human resource management is not an easy task. Much like the IT help desk and the customer service teams the HR teams are also subject to constant queries from employees in every part of the organization. The use case of using a chatbot to personalize the customer service experience and to help handle the never ending queues is very much similar to that which exists in the case of the HR teams as well. HR teams in organizations big and small get a wide range of requests and questions ranging from basic doubts about leave rules, payroll queries to more complicated requests like discrepancies in pay-slips, mismatches in timesheet and others. Some other these would require human interaction as there would be answers from multiple teams to be compiled to understand the actual situation and provide a resolution. But then there are some questions that can simply be answered from the predefined terms and conditions laid down. Employees might find it a bit inconvenient to read through the company policies to get their answers. Having a chatbot with access to this information would make it simpler and quicker for the employees to get the information they are looking for. And for the HR teams this would prevent the work pile up by relevantly filtering out the queries and only redirecting those queries that require some complicated resolutions. Understanding the employee preferences would also become simpler. There would no more be samples picked out to know about the whole. AI based systems would be able to correlate and understand the whole of the employee data available and help manage the resources better.

Organized meeting sessions

Meetings often take up a lot of valuable time in the workhours. So it would make better sense if the relevant participants are notified well-ahead and the agenda is made clear. There are some organizations that already used voice-controlled assistants, which function much like the virtual assistants on the smartphones, to organize meetings. These can be used to schedule meetings, check for the vacant conference halls and book them, send out meeting invitations with detailed agenda and then record the minutes and furnish the same to the participants as well.
Enterprise apps are radically changing the way we work. These are making it easier to stay connected with the team round the clock. When used with the right balance this can help improving the team’s productivity. But then there might be different enterprise apps to manage different aspects of the employment. This is where AI comes in to act as a liaison. These are merely samples of the plethora of benefits that AI can deliver to the modern workplace. But the real way to use AI and the level of incorporation would depend more on the actual business scenario. The best time to adopt AI in the workplace was yesterday! AI is thus all set to change the workplace of the future.

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