AI Chatbot,a Game Changer for Enterprise Automation?

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Chatbots are discussed at a high level whenever there a topic regarding technology pops up. You can always find the marketers who work in chatbot development company encouraging people to make use of Chatbots, especially at engineering conferences.

How Chatbot developers define Chatbot? 

The Chatbot is a service or rather a technology that consists of artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud, and automatic speech recognition, natural language processing, and deep learning technologies. These technologies help enterprise chatbot companies to create chatbots that behave like humans. 

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It can be a part of conversations through voice and text just like a human being. It can be installed on various devices, like mobile phones and web browsers. 

Why are Chatbot development services required? 

The best part about Chatbot enterprises is that it can be used for diverse services for several people. They provide services to customers as well as employees. Many companies make use of the ‘always-on feature’ of chatbot development services to improve customer satisfaction and reduce employee work. 

Customers always have a lot of questions to ask, and a chatbot can provide them satisfaction by answering instantly. 

A chatbot is well aware of all the rules and products of the organization and thus can communicate effectively with the customers. It can also greet different customers at the same time. 

Chatbots are a great tool to build a healthy customer relationship and answer multiple user requests at a good speed. 

What is the ideal Chatbot you need, according to a Chatbot development company? 

After all the discovery and research, the company would build a required Chatbot. They will look for all the problems, and try to integrate a function to Chatbot that would make it more advance. 

If the team already knows the exact purpose for which the Chatbot is being developed that would ease the work of chatbot developers and would provide a more specified and specialized experience to customers. 

  • Support Chatbot: Context-awareness, Personality and multi-turn capability are three essential things to provide to support Chatbot. The Chatbot should be designed in such a way that it would act as a client to guide the customers through the business process. The Chatbot solution providers should also be able to answer all FAQ type questions.
  • Skills Chatbot: they are referred to as single-turn-type Chabot’s. They do not require a lot of awareness. They are built so that your life becomes easy. So, you give them commands to perform the work. 
  • Assistant Chabot’s: these Chatbot stands between Support and Skill. They should be able to answer all the questions and engage customers in conversation. The conversation text should also be engaging. If the answers are interesting, the customer might engage well in the talk. 
What can Chatbot services or Chabot apps do for you? 

Chatbots can make a lot of time-consuming work easier and faster if it used wisely in a strategic manner. Chatbots provide six specific functions- Improve customer service, improve response rates, Automate repetitive tasks, Reduce employee workload, Eliminate clutter and Measure performance. 

Whatever Chatbot a company is building or whatever innovative features they are adding to the Chabot, the most important thing is developing the personality of Chatbot. The main reason that chatbots have become more popular than any other technology is that they can connect naturally on a personal level with the customers. 

How can Chatbot development companies help Enterprise with its Chatbot? 

Chatbot act as personal assistants, offer on-demand customer support, provide in-depth product knowledge and Stream business process. It can empower your HR and IT department. It can manipulate the desired data (in a good way) and help in business-to-business applications. 

How Chatbot development services manage Chatbot Human Handoff? 

There is a very chance that one needs to interfere in the working of Chatbot. If a problem occurs, Enterprise Chatbots are capable of solving all the problems on their own. Although there might be instances where a query finds path beyond the Chatbot understanding, and then you will need a human customer agent to solve the issues. 

There may be instances where a human being might not be willing to talk to a chatbot, especially in case they are unhappy with the services of the brand or they have a complaint. In such a case the Chatbot should be immediately replaced by a human agent. 

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Also, the essential thing is that the Chatbot should be programmed to understand the human sentiments and interpret them so that it can continue a fruit full conversation with the user. 

Enterprise AI Chatbot solutions are very effective tools if they are used with the latest technological advancements so that the customer relationship becomes strong with the brand.


Siri is a virtual assistant that makes use of voice queries to answer them, perform the desired action asked for, and if the user might require any recommendations, it would make it without hesitating. SO, yes Siri can be classified as a Chatbot. Siri is a Chatbot that provides services to iPhone users so that their life becomes better and easier. 

AI Chatbot automation is just a simple Chatbot, but it makes use of AI technology. Therefore, it can be used for messaging apps or speech-based assistants. The Chatbot would provide automatic communication and as an assistant that can provide personalized customer service.  

Smart Chatbot is also known as an intelligent bot. These intelligent bots are built so that they can help you work through specified tasks like identifying the intent of the user form typed or spoken conversations. It makes use of Artificial intelligence to do the same. They make use of a process known as entity extraction leveraging natural language understanding to extract the desired pieces of information. 

Lucid.AI has scored the number one position and processes a large amount of general knowledge and reasoning engine. It contains a human-like knowledge, understanding, and reasoning with speed, accuracy and modern computing methods. 

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