Artificial Intelligence – Impacting Customer Life Cycle

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Organizations are embracing a new phase of technological innovation – with intelligent automation at its core. Intelligent automation drives technological breakthrough that has the potential to not just improve, but to transform the way businesses operate. In intelligent automation, artificial intelligence (AI) is infused into automation, enabling machines to learn and generate recommendations and to make autonomous decisions. 

Additionally, the availability of AI-enhanced customer relationship management (CRM) and customer data platform (CDP) software has brought AI to the enterprise without the high costs that were previously associated with the technology. The entire customer journey from lead to conversion can now be effectively tracked & monitored.

For a successful business, customers should be at the core. All the business decision-making should be aligned in the same way. It is very important to integrate digital technology into all areas of a business operating in such a way that maximum value is delivered to the customers.

Artificial Intelligence & Digital Transformation

With the possibility of integrating different departments and automating business processes, the digital transformation took another leap when Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning became part of many organizations’ business strategies.

Artificial Intelligence and digital transformation

These are two key elements of digital transformation, and the basis for the most efficient digital tools being used in the current scenario.

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AI is the key to effectively harnessing customer information and big data to deliver a great customer experience. AI evolves to gather many opportunities for customers by combining customer data to plan customer journey maps, make customer interactions simpler, and enhance customer engagement. Eventually, a combination of these elements enables a better experience for the customers.

Artificial Intelligence Facilitates a Better Customer Understanding

The combination of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for gathering and analyzing data enables brands to gain a much more accurate understanding of their customers. Unlike traditional data analytics software, AI is continuously learning and improving from the data it analyzes and is able to predict customer behavior. This allows brands to provide relevant and customized content, and improve the customer journey.

The greater the engagement, the higher is the probability of user conversion.

AI presents an opportunity for enterprises to advance their understanding of customer goals and the journeys they take to accomplish those goals.

Artificial Intelligence Benefits

Artificial Intelligence (AI) consists of algorithms that match or surpass human-level intelligence for making intelligent tools.

Below are some of the key AI solutions

Artificial Intelligence – benefits

  • Emotion free decision-making

As the name suggests, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is devoid of emotions that are a part of human intelligence. It uses complex algorithms and methods to build apps capable of making their own decisions without human interference. Hence, it is emotionally free decision-making which finds its benefit in many use cases.

  • Continuous Improvement

Machine Learning algorithms have the functionality to store the data provided in their memory. It makes decisions based on present data in addition to the references made to the past data. As the new data is provided, efficiency and accuracy for decision-making improve substantially.

  • User behavior prediction

AI has the ability to collect, sort, and store data. This data is analyzed for behavioral and usage prediction. If you observe, recommendations on an OTT app, Social Networking app, or e-commerce app are based on behavioral patterns. This ensures that the content is relevant and personalized thus leading to higher engagement with the user. 

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  • Consistent Answers through Chatbots

It is very important for businesses and brands to communicate with customers in a consistent language. AI-based Chatbots help to serve this purpose. AI chatbots evolve through continuous learning. If the same question is asked in a variety of ways, the chatbot will understand this and respond to such queries with a consistent answer.   


AI plays a pivotal role from both user’s and business’ benefits perspectives. A sophisticated, AI-enabled customer journey analytics platform can help deliver high-impact customer experiences rapidly and effectively.

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It is time to stop treating AI as a nice to have and recognize it as a major competitive advantage. With some imagination and application, artificial intelligence can and will enhance every aspect of the customer experience.


It is important to know how to start developing the right processes and expertise for collecting data—as well as building AI algorithms and models—swiftly enough to reap the benefits. Most organizations find it difficult, if not impossible, to accomplish those tasks on their own, given the dearth of data scientists, the fact that disparate systems are not AI-ready, and the need to rapidly build new systems, apps, and capabilities. Moreover, companies are only now waking up to the idea of applying AI to improve CX—so most don’t even know how or where to begin. 

This is where an artificial intelligence development company with the know-how of artificial intelligence trends comes into the picture.

Industry 5.0 is the future. It will be focused on human and robot collaboration for better efficiency and productivity. Mass customization and personalization is the key aspect of fifth Industrial revolution.

The time to learn about the fifth Industrial revolution is now. More and more businesses across the globe are now exploring its benefits and upgrading their smart and interconnected factories. Exploring the details from now will be a huge benefit and ensure the first-mover advantage.

There are many types of Chatbots, however, two main types of Chatbots are as below: 

  • Rule-Based Chatbots

These are also known as decision-tree bots. These chatbots work based on defined rules and hence the name. They cannot answer any questions outside of the defined rules. Also, these chatbots do not learn through interactions.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Chatbots

AI chatbots use Machine Learning. They are based on the idea that systems can learn from data, identify patterns, and make decisions without human intervention. These chatbots generate their own answers to more complicated questions using natural-language responses.

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