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Native app vs Hybrid app? A quick overview!

Mobiles are considered to be a boon for the technology – a platform for being digitally & virtually connected with everyone. The entire know-how of mobile app development comes from knowing & understanding the basic two platforms – Hybrid App Development & Native App Development.

Hybrid mobile app development:

Hybrid mobile app development refers to the development of the applications developed using HTML, CSS and JavaScript frameworks. Hybrid app is the combination of web and native app technologies.

Advantage of cross platform /hybrid apps:

1. Single codebase, easy to maintain
2. Could perform 80% of native app features
3. Easy scaling across all platforms
4. More resources available to develop hybrid apps
5. Availability
6. Faster than web apps

Few challenges

1. Slow performances
2. Difficult to achieve native experience
3. Hardware level integration may not be easy
4. Access to native APIs can be challenging

Native mobile app development:

Native on the other hand refers to, an app which is developed for a mobile operating system and is designed for a precise OS (operating system).
1. Speed and top performance
2. Boast of a secured system
3. Deliver the best UX and native experience

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Web & Mobile technologies and frameworks

About Mobinius:

Mobinius Technologies Pvt Ltd., is proudly emerging as one of the topmost technology organization, offering its trailblazing techno solutions, accompanied with an integrated & innovative approach. With a wide gamut of hi-tech offerings, equipped with simplified solutions, across various sectors ranging from automotive, construction, education, information technology, logistics, travel, healthcare & pharma to retail, served across different mobile & web platforms, Mobinius is reckoned as an end-to-end solution provider, delivering unswerving results.
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