What type of mobile application is best for your company?

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Corporate will try to explore better and easiest way to reach their customers, employees or partners using multiple channel.  With the rapid increase of mobile / tablet usage in the world, now corporate cannot ignore this market.
Mobile applications are 3 types – HTML5, Hybrid & Native.

  1. HTML5 – It is purely written in HTML5, CSS technology.  Any mobile which can support HTML5 can able to use this application.  It deliver same kind of an interface across all devices.  Basically it uses “mobile browser” in order to run these type of applications.
  2. Hybrid – this is a combination of HTML5 & Native.  It uses HTML5, CSS to deliver application within a small native framework.  Here there will be an additional layer which help to interact with core features.
  3. Native – It is a device specific applications means you have to decide which plat forms and which version your application need to support.  These application can directly interact with core features, so performance is good.

I’ve found few applications which are available for end customers. HTML5 based mobile application developments are unfortunately not liked by consumers because of – “Performance” & “User Friendly”.  So, it will be very important to select “Type” of application before invest on mobile application.
Below table explains difference between HTML5 / Native / Hybrid so it will help you decide which application is good for you / your company.


Development Technology HTML5, Java Script, CSS HTML5 & Java C#, Object C or Java
Technology Connectivity Required Depend on app feature Depend on app feature
Offline Support No Yes Yes
How it will run Using browser Using browser under Native Shell Pure Native Shell
Development Time Less Moderate High
Cost Elements Maintenance Less Moderate High
Performance Low Medium High
Distribution Web App Store App Store
Platforms All HTML5 devices iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows, Bada All Native has to develop for each platform
Look & Feel Native Look & Feel No No Yes
Graphics HTML5 HTML5 & Partial native Pure Native
Camera No Not all features Yes
Hardware GPS No Not all features Yes
Geo Location No Not all features Yes
Sensors No Not all features Yes
Push Notifications No *Partial Yes Push notifications works in hybrid with 3rd party plugins
Features Notifications No Yes Yes
Background app No Yes Yes
Swipe Yes Yes Yes
Gesture Pinch No Yes Yes
Multitouch No No Yes
Contacts No Yes Yes
Data Calendar No Yes Yes
Storage Shared SQL Secure File Storage Yes
User Experience Medium Medium High
Experience High Graphics No No Yes
Animations Custom Custom Native & Custom
Sensors No Not all features Yes

If you want to reach larger audience & just HTML5 features then it is good to choose between HTML5 & Hybrid applications.  If you want to reach specific device targets, not too much access to mobile hardware and budget constrains then Hybrid application is good.  If you want to reach specific device targets, performance, access to device features & no budget constrain then Native application is good.

How Mobinius will help:

Mobinius have experience in developing HTML5, Hybrid & Native applications.  We will help customers to choose between which application is good.  Also Mobinius have its own reusable framework called “Mobiframe” which will help to develop native applications at lesser cost.

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