How to increase engagement with Intelligent Apps

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How to increase engagement with Intelligent Apps

User experience has taken the front seat now as businesses understand and focus on both customer acquisition and retention. Mobile apps are given so much hype only because they deliver the best user interface and convenience in comparison with the conventional desktop and mobile websites.
Amalgamating the powers of machine learning, artificial intelligence and other new technologies, businesses are now gravitating towards intelligent apps. Forming the core of the intelligent apps is the combination of data analytics and machine learning.
Though the conceptualization of artificial intelligence or intelligent and human-like machines happened years ago, the recent few years have seen an explosive growth in the application of these intelligent systems in businesses. Intelligent apps can benefit both the end-users and the businesses that deploy them. By offering the provision for automation, these apps can replace and reduce the manpower required in performing mundane tasks. This can reduce the time and effort to be put by the businesses. They also help gather valuable user data to channelize and customize promotions. For the users, the user experience is made better, the response times are quicker. Customers also get a more personalized experience.

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Importance of focusing on user engagement:

The degree of user engagement would be a proper attribute to gauge the projected returns on the investment. Gaining the attention of the potential customer group is achieved through well-crafted marketing campaigns. But what matters the most is the retention of the acquired customers which depends on the delivery of impeccable user experience. By enhancing user engagement, it gets easy to understand customers better, improve the revenue, prevent loss of customers and also create up-selling channels. Loyal customers also aid the acquisition of new customers.

Benefits of using intelligent apps:
  • Intelligent apps deliver a myriad of benefits to businesses including the improvement of the user engagement.
  • Intelligent apps can better comprehend user preferences and behavior
  • These apps can help distinguish between potential customers, liable buyers, customers in the risk zone and casual customers. This helps design campaigns specific to each group
  • Intelligent apps ensure that customer queries are addressed instantly and accurately. They can take it a step further and assist customers with potentially valuable information.
  • The automation of customer responses and certain predefined tasks can be made feasible with intelligent apps.
  • Functioning as a virtual assistant, can help take timely decisions, and improve the quality of customer service.
How do intelligent apps increase user engagement?

Intelligent apps like Siri, Alexa among the others have been climbing the charts due to the fresh user interface, the user-friendly approach in improvising the human-machine interaction. Comprising metadata layers, machine learning-based analytics layer, and with a splash of predictive intelligence, these apps continuously gather data based on user interaction and use this feedback to enhance the quality of the app and thus the user experience in turn.
By using real-time data to make better predictions, intelligent apps make decision making more accurate and customer-focused. This budding ecosystem of intelligent apps has created a ripple in the mobile application sector. An intense ripple that has a bright future as more and more organizations now focus on user engagement.
Intelligent apps come in the spot where direct interaction with the user occurs. They can be controlled by voice, touch or any other physical response that makes the user communicate with the devices in a more humanly way. The responses would also be more human-like and this would make the users feel like they are interacting with an actual human while also benefitting from the accuracy of the extensive database the app has access to.
These apps make the interactions purposeful and materialize every interaction that happens between the user and the app or the device by delivering a more relevant result at a faster pace. This will address and prevent in an early stage, issues that predominantly affect conversion rates. This would result in lower cart abandonment, and improve sales. Much like with the social media platforms, the users would experience a personal profile which makes their shopping experience or the business feel better. These apps give users exactly what they want and by closely monitoring their behavior, accumulate data to understand them and target on acquiring similar users as well.

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