AI invades automobile industry in 2019

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The automobile industry is one of the important industry, and in this industry, you can see that they use the best kind of technology and other resources as well. With the development of technology, many things have already been changed. Among those all, you too got some advanced technologies as well like Artifical Intelligence or AI.

What is AI?

AI or artificial intelligence is now coming to the big picture. If you look at the AI, then you can find that this attempts itself to learn the things that a user frequently do and then it will start behaving the way like that. All the AI wants to learn about the sensory inputs which include real images and sounds, and as a result, it provides a unique and good selling point for the devices which all are embedded in it.

How it helps machine learning?

When Artificial intelligence is developed, this has applied to all types of machines and devices. In Machine learning language, you can find that the machines are seen to be provided with certain kinds of data, and all these things are learned by themselves, not by any other help. So, in this way, this has helped the automobile industry to get a boost in this field in a better way.

Use of Deep Learning

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If you look at the things that are done by artificial intelligence, then deep learning is the main role in this. With the help of complex tasks which all are broken down in such small ones that they now are very easily manageable. Deep learning techniques are said to very good and play a vital role in autonomous driving as well as some advanced driver distance systems. Things are improving in a great way as time passes by, so you can find that deep learning helps us in enhancing the features as well as some good quality from these vehicles.

Future of AI in the automobile industry

The current scenario of the industry is such that you can think of getting a better kind of technology with time. If you look at the future Predictions, then you can find some really interesting things for this industry. As per a recent report, it shows that till now only 12 percent of vehicles are installed with AI while in the year 2025, it is expected that this percent will be up by about 30 percent.

Other than these things, according to report by Capgemini it has surveyed in the year 2018 and said that the total number of companies who all are now in favor of AI or already implemented AI is seen to be grown slightly by 3 percent only. In the year 2017, this percent stood at 7 percent but with this slow progress AI implementation is getting a major boost as well in recent times. So, with all these things and a positive attitude in this regard, you can get a good future for AI in the automobile industry in the coming years.

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