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As we all know digital marketing has been on rise, and is an integral part of business’ marketing strategy too. Getting to the core means knowing the minutest details of the entire customer base for better results especially while driving sales. The biggest challenge is to comprehend & compile the customer base. Not being that much digital & tech savvy has been a major reason for a large number of start – up’s which have been failing in their initial years. With the advent of AI & ML, these solutions have been utmost promising and, also they are transforming the way people run their businesses.
Like before, business entities had to acquire customers through the direct sources such as e-mail and phone. And, then getting the entire info together was always a mammoth task at hand. Getting the right sources for the right task was always difficult. But with Machine Learning, Lead Generation is an easy 3-step, automated process.
First – define your potential customer
Second – make use of AI in deploying chat bots by getting the accurate customer data collection
Third – send derived data to sales team and gain leads before you can blink
With the help of AI & ML, one can have improved customer retention or in short retaining the right customer. Once the data is collected with the help of chat bots, the data analytics can be used to study & filter the data with the help of using the right behavioral patterns and, usage info in the complex data. AI can be used automatically for sending suggestions based on user preferences.
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It is also said that, AI can learn & store any information, which is always beneficial in terms of production sector in terms of supply chain management. For example – there is a consumable product on a shelf, which is going to be a mass production. The same information then can be shared between the manufacturer and seller. This information can be shared on a common AI network with different check points such as manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor and retailer. Using the same info, manufacturers can now estimate demand for specific products and maintain inventory as per sales volume. In the meantime, distributor, wholesaler and retailer can stay in touch with the delivery system and, be ready for the consignment. So, in a nutshell, using AI in a single network can vouch for a smooth 24×7 delivery system with neither lack of surplus nor overages.
Knowing that all the above would take mammoth tasks & time for finding the correct person for the job and, also for finding the correct person always has been the concern for any organization.
The employees of an organization are just as important as any other component of it. However, finding the correct person for the job is still one of the most tedious issues in sector. In a report as published by most of the major recruiters from around the world, more than 55% believe screening candidates’ applications is the most cumbersome task. Hurrying the process for recruitment can also have a –ve impact on the organization as it may bring someone in who can single-handedly bring down the entire team’s effort.
Well, most of the problems can be solved thanks to


. Be it as a HR bot, Recruitment bot, Sales bot, all these problems get identified thanks to these technologies. With our


. AI bot on the go, we can save time & money, making it a more useful solution across the organization & various domains.

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