How will AI Change the way you work in 2017

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How will Artificial Intelligence or AI Change the way you work in 2017

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotics, Machine Learning and other new revolutionary technologies are not just changing the way the businesses operate, but also the way the employees work and the workplace scenario on the whole. If you thought that AI and automation would pose a threat to the current job market, think again! This is mainly because of the various advantages of artificial intelligence and valuable contribution that AI can offer to the workforce and the employees.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can change the way you work, for good! Your wokrplace or business wouldn’t be the same anymore. Concept of collaborative workplace is gaining popularity. Several such flexible and more employee-friendly changes in the workplace would be brought in when the full potential or benefits of artificial intelligence is tapped. AI would, in fact, help employees enhance their productivity in the workplaces.

Curbing the prosaic tasks at work:

For those who are in the Human Resources team, a huge chunk of their time is spent on several humdrum tasks which can often be automated or managed without human interference. Indeed, the one-to-one interaction element can’t be entirely removed. Considering the scenarios where the HR team has to plan the training schedules or orientation programs for the new recruits etc., such tasks can be done with an intelligent system, leading to a better productivity. This is what HR 2.0 would focus on.

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Self-appraisal becomes easy:

Artificial Intelligence or AI systems when integrated to monitor employee performance can help employees track their progress. You need not wait for the yearly appraisal cycle to get a report on your performance. AI systems can keep a check on your progress from the time you joined the company. You would be able to view your performance curve and pick out the areas that need improvement. This would allow you to improve your performance before the actual appraisal and thus get better scores and better chances of pay hikes and promotions.

A revolutionary approach to job search:

One of the major blunders that people do as job seekers is to update their profile on the job search platforms only when they are actively looking for a job. Under pressure, you might not always find the right job right when you need one. But continuously updating your job profile and searching for jobs even when you already have one, might be time-consuming. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can make this process simpler. By evaluating the current trends in the job market, AI systems can keep you notified of any suitable openings. Taking this a step further, it can also check whether your appraisals and pay scale with your current employer are meeting the industry standards. These systems can thus suggest you better jobs in case your current one is paying you very much lower than that required for your scale.

Underpaid high skill jobs would be recognized:

Certain jobs like those of the school teachers, caretakers, nurses, surgeons, and artists can’t be replaced by technology. Though there are automated education systems with virtual classrooms, robots that serve, robotic surgery and computers that can create art, these are fields where the human version would be anytime more valuable than the automated version. Such jobs might gain higher priority and several low skill routine jobs might be removed. Low skill jobs when automated, it can utilize the workforce on the more productive tasks.

Better IT services and administration with artificial intelligence:

The IT helpdesk in the offices is another team that gets a bulk of requests that are not coordinated. Some requests for IT solutions would require some simple resolutions like say trying a reboot or checking the network cable. Artificial Intelligence or AI solutions can act as the first line of communication between the employees and the IT helpdesk. These systems can segregate the requests and categorize those that require actual human intervention. Only those requests can then be directed to the IT team. Similar is the scenario with booking resources and conference halls. Automated systems can help track conference schedules and check for the available conference halls and book them to avoid redundant bookings.
There are very few jobs and industries that wouldn’t be affected much by the machine learning and AI wave. But it’s fair to say that a significant amount would be influenced in some way. With that in mind it can clearly be established that now is the right time to learn to adapt to the new changes that are bound to occur in the office environment.

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