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Chatbots in Help Desk Automation

CAWI™ – Conversation Automated with Intelligence is our end to end Bot Builder framework
If you look at any consumer forum, the one main thing that most customers grieve about is poor customer service. We have stories of how businesses have lost loyal customers simply because the customer care team was not efficient. No matter how many products you have, no matter how attractive the promotions you offer, at the end of the day if a customer care representative disappoints your customer, you lose the customer. Whether your focus is on B2B or B2C marketing, the help desk team is a kingpin that cannot be ignored. After all, this is the team that actually interacts with your customer and represents the business in front of the customer.
What are the common hassles that customers face when they interact with a help-desk team?

  • Delay in getting connected with the team
  • Communication hurdles because the customer care rep doesn’t understand either the language or the issue
  • Improper resolution to the issue at hand

All these issues can be addressed by stringent hiring processes and extensive training of the customer care team. There is a newer and a more convenient and less expensive way to do this too, through Chatbots!

Chatbots to Augment and Not Replace the Existing Helpdesk Teams

When we talk about chatbots in help desk automation, these are best chosen as add-ons to enhance the quality of customer experience and not as locum tenens threatening the jobs of the helpdesk teams. These can function to save time and allow help desk employees on more value-adding activities. For example, chatbots can be launched as the first level of communication and these can automatically redirect the conversation to an actual human customer rep as and when required. If you collectively put together the common questions that are laid in front of the helpdesk team, you would find that a vast majority of them are pretty basic questions whose answers are already somewhere available on the website. For example, in e-commerce sites, most people call to check the status of the order. Such direct questions could be easily answered by the chatbots and these could redirect the customer to an executive if the situation calls for a more complicated decision tree.

Help Desk Automation Development

Impressive reduction in the Turnaround Time (TAT)

When we use our smartphone, some daily tasks like setting an alarm, sending a message, making a call would be complete in a matter of few clicks. But still, we use virtual assistants simply because they make things more convenient and quick. The same applies to the application of a chatbot. You might have a rich and informative website but nothing beats the convenience of simply asking a question and getting the answer. This is what a helpdesk bot does. In a normal helpdesk, if the customer drops an email, the total time take for the executive to actually view the email and get back with a resolution takes time. When you try calling the helpdesk team, first the call has to get through, then you have the IVR with the many choices. And finally, when you select the option to actually talk with a helpdesk executive, you then would have to wait in the queue. Then you spend several minutes explaining the situation. The whole process would result in longer TAT- the solution? Chatbots! You type your question and you get instant answers. It might look like it is just a matter of few seconds saved for each interaction. But in the long run, when you are billing the total time you would find this a more fruitful option.

The Common Hassles of Manpower Management Can be Ended

Helpdesk teams cannot work round the clock. This is handled by shift rotations and other strategies. But there are holidays and other occasions when it would be difficult to have someone to answer the calls. If you have a help desk chat bot, it would be there to man the desk at all times. When the number of requests that come in exceeds the handling capacity of the helpdesk team, again it would be trouble. But chatbots can answer all requests simultaneously.

Personalizing the Experience

The moment you are connected to a chatbot, it has access to your account details including your previous purchases and more. This would help provide a more personalized experience. If the interaction is about a ticket that is already open, you don’t have to spend time in explaining the whole story all over again as you would with a customer care executive. The chatbot will access to the complete status of your complaint and the suggested resolution for the same.

Better Up-Selling and Cross-Selling Strategies

When the issue at hand is resolved, when the ticket can be closed, the customer care executive can suggest similar products based on the current and previous orders. But to make things even better when you have a chatbot, images of the relevant products, and links to the actual product page could be shared. This shortens the sale funnel. Periodically the chatbot could also send notifications to inform the customer about any running promotions that might prove relevant.

Data Capture and Lead Generation

All through the interaction, the chatbot can help capture any relevant data. This can then be used for data analytics to provide more directed marketing campaigns. If it is a new customer, contact details could be recorded for the existing customers, preferences could be saved based on the responses. This data can also be used to self-train the chatbot to make the future interactions more relevant. This comes in handy for lead generation as well.

And So Much More:

Chatbots would not have communication/language barriers. They would be able to offer consistent service. They come as easy channels for customers to share their feedback- unlike a telephone call, with a chatbot the customer can share actual images for a more vivid feedback. Customer service chat bot save the time and efforts required by the helpdesk team to answer very basic queries. And the best part is that these often have self-learning algorithms at their core. So with each interaction, the chatbot learns and gets better. The quality of interaction thus improves with time. Businesses big and small are now massively focusing on the use of chatbots to automate the helpdesk processes. If you haven’t, it is time you gave it a thought. These continue to be cost effective ways to improve the productivity of the helpdesk teams.
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