Android L Vs. iOS 8: Users Are The Real winners!

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Competition all around!

Mobile phones, operating systems and apps – all trying their best to beat the opposition in this neck and neck competition! The two new operating systems for mobile phones, iOS8 and Android L (L stands for Lollipop) are no exceptions too. Both the market leaders have occupied the headlines and news with their astounding and comforting features respectively.

Android will attract the huge fan base of iOS or iOS will establish its supremacy? Let’s see what both the giants have to offer!

Apple, the iOS8 developer has announced its launching date. On the other hand, Google, which the Android L developer is yet to make an announcement as to when it is planning to launch the new operating system.
The first similarity that you can site between Android L and iOS8 is that they both give a lot of emphasis on health and fitness applications which is the next important thing today.
Let’s have a deeper look on various such deciding factors.


Both Android L and iOS 8 will be released by September or October this year and will be available to public. Android L is free for use but to use iOS8 people will have to shell out money. Another advantage of Android L is that it gives a very good battery life.


The design of Android L has undergone a few changes from the earlier versions. It has a more materialistic design and there is more depth in the appearance of the operating system due to the use of shadows. Another thing is that it automatically touches up the contents based on their colours. On the other hand, there is not much change in the iOS 8 appearance and design. It has the same flat design which was earlier used by iOS 7 also.
Both Android L and iOS 8 have some new features to offer.

  • Notifications  – In Android L the notifications are more embellished and enhanced. They can be locked on the home screen and can be swiped away if the user wants to dismiss them or can be opened by double clicking them. The notifications in iOS 8 are very interactive and user friendly. Though they already had the feature of swiping away the notifications it is not possible to dismiss them by swiping them as it is in Android L.
  • Lock Screen  – Android L introduces a new lock screen. It can be swiped for notifications. In addition you can swipe the screen upwards to unlock it, swipe it to the right hand side to see the dialler and to the left hand side to start the camera. The lock screen of iOS 8 is quite the same as that of iOS 7.
  • Multitasking  – Android L has taken multitasking to newer heights. In this, all the apps that are open will appear in form of cards in shape of a carousel and the user can swipe through them by sliding the carousel up or down. If an app has to be closed, all you have to do is to swipe the card to left or right. Multitasking in iOS 8 has always been a strong feature.
  • Security  – Say no the hassles of locking and unlocking Bluetooth! Android L has an automatic Bluetooth unlock. This means when your phone is around other Android devices it will unlock on its own. iOS 8 on the other hand has the finger print sensor for security.
  • Developer features  – Android L has added some new features that can be used by the developers which will enable them to introduce newer features to the operating system. Such features include a new UI design, a new android run time along with increased efficiency. iOS 8 has also added more than 4,000 APIs to enhance developer’s experience.
  • Compatibility  – Android L is compatible with 64 bit equipment. The earlier versions of Android could not boast of this. Since iOS 7 was compatible with 64 bit devices this is not a new feature in iOS 8

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A tough fight indeed!
Both Android L and iOS8 have lots of new features to offer. Whether Android L will be able to beat iOS8 is a question which can be answered only when both the operating systems are launched and the users pass their verdict. But one thing is for sure, doesn’t matter, who wins, customers are having a real win with so many features waiting for them to unlock!

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