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Mobile App UI Design

A mobile user interface design (mobile UI) is a graphical and usually touch-sensitive display on a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet, which allows the user to interact with the device’s apps, features, content and functions. When it comes to a comparison between desktops and mobiles, a mobile app UI design is significantly different. Why? This is because the smaller screen size and the touch screen sensors bring on special considerations in the app UI design process.

Mobile app ui design

Mobile v/s Desktop – UI Design Patterns

While talking about a UI design on a desktop or laptop, the screen size enables comfortable usage of symbols or buttons. Whereas when it comes to a mobile interface, symbols can be used extensively and controls can be automatically hidden until accessed. The symbols themselves must also be smaller and there is not enough space for labels on everything, which can cause confusion. Secondly users have to understand the command icon either through a legible text or graphical representation.

Hence the best mobile app UI templates follow the below mentioned guidelines –

  1. Click points should be usable for touch-based selection
  2. Maximise window content.
  3. Number of controls and commands at a time should be just enough so as not to confuse the user

The Mobinius Advantage –

Our designers incorporate the above guidelines in their UI design ideas. They make certain that with consistent controls, and native device themes, your mobile web applications are both designed and developed in harmony with the distinct characteristics of each device’s platform. For this reason the best and latest of app UI design tools are used.

Our Android Mobile App UI design helps users navigate through their own device with utmost ease.

Android mobile app ui design

Our mobile app UI design services are way more than just themes. We integrate the design with the core platform, making it a part of the operating system. For this we make use of the mobile app UI design PSD kits.

For a better user experience design, not only the programming but the entire path of navigation is as per your requirements. We make sure we handover the final output to you which is exclusive. For the same we employ a dedicated team for each project.

For better and more information on Android Mobile App UI design services in India or US, you are at the right doorstep. Simply knock on and avail the advantage!

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