Importance of UI & UX Design

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Knowing that UI & UX are very crucial for development and convey the entire picture at one glance. Apart from this, when we have a look at the UI & UX theme across web, mobile and desktops, we have always missed the main underlying point of what goes into creating the base skeleton for the entire UI & UX.

Why is a dashboard or a skeleton draft so important?

It has to be simple enough to convey one strong message – the entire theme as perceived. Apart from this, we are also into understanding and looking at the most important & vibrant technologies AI, ML, Automation etc., which have been getting recognized and widely acceptable these days.
This is why dashboard designs require a thorough thought process.
Given, the importance of the dashboards, today we would like to address the popular query i.e. ‘how to make a great dashboard UI & UX.

Allow the thoughts & the designs to be in sync with the flow:

This clearly means that, one needs to be focused and more aligned towards the design. The design when is fixed in the mind – we speak of not diverting from it. As in while getting the same things alive out of the design, it becomes very simple to understand that more thoughts crossing the mind would mean confusion to the same. Also, the design should be equal & consistent across the screens (either mobile/web etc) The most important part is to get the entire look & feel similar – fonts, colors, design, icons etc.  The simplest solution would be to get the design done for a smaller device and then proceed to a bigger one. This method helps one to be consistent enough to have smaller appealing spaces and then moving towards a bigger screen.

Simple customization

Being simple and having an easy design will enable the users to see through. For the same one needs to have a design which can be easily modified & rendered as per the user needs. A good and a simple dashboard helps the user to get the entire info at one go – which reduces time for design rendering & modification.

Communicate what’s important

Knowing that picture speaks a thousand words, it becomes easy to communicate or convey the most important first in a more soothing manner. With the visuals in place accordingly and the content too, the design or the methodology manual can be easily defined too.

UI UX Development

Keep it simple

Usually, when it comes to design, it becomes more or less a tedious task for even drawing the simplest of design if we have to. When it comes to a multi layered representation or a graph or images or icons, most of them go overboard in the same and start using complicated or mixed charts or graphs. That might look good on the paper, but when replicated can make it look cluttered. Keeping some colorful charts along with a plain background is nice, but having the same combo against a designer image can be harmful.
Since the charts and graphs are more visually appealing, it has to be in line with the theme across. Similarly using bullets or icons at the same time can be a simple task, but creating the same in alignment with the design can be mind boggling. Having icons which are familiar or have been seen by the user before can play a vital role in understanding & delivering a quality design.
Having too many colors & themes together can be confusing too at times – so keeping it clutter free & using the right colors at the right time makes it look lighter & soothing, to avoid any confusion.
Fancy fonts are to be avoided unless it is kept consistent and is readable or can be seen across uniformly. Having a minimal or less different font can also make a design look different and stand apart from each other when two styles of fonts are used. This will help in making the dashboard look brighter, simpler and more easy for the user to understand.  It is hence suggested to design a dashboard keeping the user in mind & it’s preferences & style.
Mobinius delivering the best UI&UX has always been our forte delivering it with maximum quality & ensuring that we help you get some life to the ideas and create amazing masterpeices!

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