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Safety & Maintenance

Digital transformation solution for Industrial 4.0; for a company, roots of which goes back to 1950.
Business Requirements

1. A platform to enable automated industrial operation remotely
2. Enhanced User experience and User interface for all machines
3. To have a HMI Display using iPad for Power Panel
4. Dashboard to show real-time parameters
5. Easy access to information like Documents, Circuit diagrams and Maintenance information
Our Solution

1. Cloud based IOT Platform to view and control real-time plant floor operations data from a single device
2. A solution that models entire workflows involving people and systems, as well as the proper task sequencing and dependencies
3. Platform provides maintenance management digitally
4. Solution provides an information framework, taking various operations data sources to calculate, contextualize, store and present operational key performance indicators.
Solution Overview

Business Impact

1.Remote access and monitoring industrial heavy machines
2.Availability of real-time parameters helps in making right decision at the right time
3.Easy access to each and every detail via new age digital devices
4. Updated information on each process and machinery
5. Updates on maintenance and safety

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