Wonderful experience sharing at MITE, Mangalore

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It was a bright sunny day with a huge number of students gathered, awaiting for some knowledge and experience sharing by Mr Damodar – CEO, Mobinius, at their MITE College, Mangalore campus. The session started with a warm greeting and filled with curiosity as to how the queries would be answered and what are the questions being asked by the eager students including the faculty.
All in all, it was indeed a great learning session. Mr Damodar spoke about his entrepreneurial journey, how he started with a small team, followed with loads of learnings and ups & downs, new client acquisitions, team expansions, right from the beginning from a small office to a big one, (where we are currently put up), awards & recognitions as received across and as always the cheerful spirit of our employees!
He also spoke on when should one start the journey, how can one follow his/her dreams, what ideas can be used to make it successful and how the aspiring dreams of youth can be channelized towards positivity and eventually how can one also start looking at various aspects of funding, seeking help for ideas and other stuff etc.
In a nutshell, some queries were resolved and also, it was just amazing to see the amount positivity and the students being more open to change and seeking new avenues for their dreams to follow!
Heartfelt thanks to the chairman, entire faculty at MITE and the energetic students for giving such a beautiful opportunity to share this wonderful experience.

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