Wo-men’s Day!

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Sounds clichéd, but yeah, we just have one day to celebrate the greatness of – Womenhood. The reason is because we have 364 days to celebrate and cherish the spirit of being a – Woo-man!!!
We @work have always been happy about the women working in groups, helping each other, being there when low or sharing the minutest of happiness and joy – in turn making the atmosphere at work, more fun and enjoyable to be around!
Our Women’s Day celebration started on a very different note this time. We had some of our male colleagues who spoke about how women have played a vital role in touching their lives across and also how they have been inspired by them to be strong and determined and learnt some lessons as well.
It was obviously heartening to hear them speak about how strong women can be and they are! On a funny note, we started with some games of making a long chain with some pins and rubbers, blowing the cups away, by deflating the balloon and stuff etc. This was followed by arm wrestling and was the most hilarious game of all the other games…
We also had a small quick presentation on – “Quick Food”, which can be instantly made either the breakfast, lunch, salads, desserts or starters for that matter!!! This was followed with some good health tips which will keep our body active and also healthy. And with this, obviously our hunger pangs rang the bell and it was time for our cake cutting celebrations and some snacks too which kept our stomach full and fluffy, helping the foodies to gorge and gorge and celebrate! The evening ended with some amazing memories and fun!

Voohooo…It was not just another day, but yes a special wo-men’s day celebration!

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