Understanding the Emergence and Importance of mHealth

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is used to define the practice the medical health of people by using mobile devices. For large healthcare organizations, it has become a priority as it helps them in seeking the medical information, patient records and other data. Moreover, it is accessible to a broad array of constituencies via Smart devices. One should not under-estimate its importance, as it offers great flexibility for the users to react instantaneously, and facilitates avoidance of critical outcomes that require expensive treatments.
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apps that create opportunities for clinicians and physicians in their quest to provide efficient healthcare services. These applications are available on a variety of platforms from different sources, and are designed to keep you fit and healthy. By using these applications, one can manage existing diseases, enhance health literacy and ensure medical compliance. Despite of the growing importance of mHealth, healthcare companies are finding themselves challenged to find reliable platform that can accommodate as much as critical data and provide it across different physicians, patients, pharmacists and others. Healthcare organizations have adopted major carriers and invested in various smart gadgets such as Android, iPhone, Blackberry, iPad and so on.

Emergence of mHealth

Mobile technology is changing the structure of health care services across the world by helping the rural people to connect with healthcare workers in major cities. There are a number of undeveloped countries where not only there is a lack of health care or treatment options, but also the ones that are not equipped with the right kind of equipment. If we have a look at the statistics, we will find that only 5% of the population in the world has access to highly expensive health care. The remaining either has little or no access to proper health care facilities.
Developing an alternative resource for medical treatment has become imperative. mHealth is one such way that provides a cost effective medical solution for people residing even in the remotest corner of the world. Understanding the importance of mHealth, a number of companies are now offering personalized solutions to different healthcare centers round the globe. According to the experts of the industry, such alternative method to monitor the individual’s health can be a great deal of medical care. Moreover, the technologies used in mHealth can significantly reduce the cost of health care. The increasing awareness of healthy lifestyle created a booming market for smart devices that permit people to monitor their health without leaving the comfort of their homes. The emergence of mHealth led to the exchange of patient’s data across different stakeholders such as – diagnostic labs, primary care, doctors, imaging units and pharmacy.

mHealth App Development

Rising Popularity of healthcare apps

With the increasing use of Smartphones, more and more healthcare professionals need to realize how they can increase the number of patients they treat by promoting their mHealth programs through a variety of mobile applications. At present, the Healthcare Mobile Application Development doesn’t take complete advantage of technical features of the Smartphone. Reputed platforms like – iOS, Android, Blackberry etc released several enhancements in this regard. There are a number of uses where the Bluetooth technology fit in the healthcare industry. iBeacon is an indoor positioning system developed by Apple fits well in the healthcare industry. This application speeds up the access to patient’s data, enhances the efficiency of clinical staff, improves equipment management in hospitals and provides a way finding as well as mapping solution. In order to avail the benefits of this app, a network of beacons should be established across each and every corner of the hospital.
There are more than 40 million healthcare devices from leading manufacturers like – Omron, 3D, Nonin, A&D etc that are Bluetooth enabled. The Bluetooth technology is ideal for health and fitness applications as it can be accessed from anywhere. Moreover, the patients can avail numerous benefits that include – reduced risk of infection, decrease in clinical errors and low cost. Some of the popular devices that are used in mHealth include – Stethoscopes, Pulse Oximeters, Glucose monitors, body scales, etc. These devices are connected remotely to a PC, laptop or mobile device, which can automatically synchronize the data even if you are not near your PV or laptop.

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