How will Digital Transformation Impact the Future of SMEs?

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Growing as a business firm isn’t that easy. The circumstances are even more taxing for small and medium-sized businesses since the resources are limited, tasks are more, and are new into the corporate world arena. Thus, having some help in any form would help them largely take care of trivial things and concentrate on more important and vital aspects that would aid in their growth. This support is extended from digital transformation that digital transformation companies can offer with their services like artificial intelligence developmentmachine learning development, etc. that enhance the efficiency to the maximum possible. Thus, the future of SMEs would be largely defined and driven by digital transformation.

According to sources, 70% of the companies have adopted this transformation or working on the process to adopt it. Let us know the impact of this revolution in detail.

How will Digital Transformation Impact the Future of SMEs?

Digital Transformation Industry

Digital transformation (DT) is a holistic and wholesome approach for the business whereby the complete business strategy is revised in a way to adopt the latest technologies that would render the best ways to manufacture, organize, manage, handle, as well, as transport the raw materials and finished goods.

It has a great impact on SMEs, especially as these companies with initially lesser human and machine resources can now use the same amount of inputs to maximize productivity and profits. 

This also aids the SMEs to take part in the global arena of competition by broadening their horizons, exposing them to new opportunities, networking, collaboration, and targeting specific or customized solutions, products, and services.

The very impact of digital transformation can be understood from the fact how the most crucial of industries, healthcare and digital transformation, go hand in hand. 

This revolution in healthcare is fostered by digital transformation, right from tracking devices, deploying staff rightly, to aiding patients to the right sources of the solution when in trouble.

After having enlightened digital transformation consulting services, it can inspire SMEs to undergo digital transformation.

The Trends of Digital Transformation that Rules the Industry

1.Comfortable working

For a firm, the best contribution can come only from its employees who constitute that entity. 

But, the employees needn’t be concentrated in a single space or in simpler terms, one needn’t stick to the conventional concept about how office as a physical entity should be.

As times change, this notion also changed, and the idea of a firm relies on comfortable working space and benchmarking the most efficient work, wherever the employees are. 

Thus, a highly efficient remote working and a seamless communication system is assured with the help of digital transformation. It is essential after times like pandemics for ensuring a blended (or hybrid) mode of working or even the complete virtual mode of working.

2.Artificial Intelligence, AI in business

AI development services aid almost all the business, big and small, nascent and established.

In fact, many companies to crave to use the latest of AI trends, as from AI in production, marketing, aftermath services, it has reached to the greatest of services like AI in HR and AI smart assistant that can be used personally as well as professionally in the firm’s environment for a large variety of tasks.

The business applications what SMEs can obtain by reaching out to the right AI services companies are like having chatbot services, identifying the customer patterns and users’ behavior and customizing the marketing strategies accordingly, forecasting future trends of the business, and working to have positive growth by tackling all the anticipated odds. 

artificial intelligence

These benefits have taken the entire SMEs to another level. AI simplifies all the tasks right from the easy ones to the most complex ones. Humans needn’t do the repetitive tasks that drain up their energy, as AI would do those tasks. 

It also allows the firm’s professionals to concentrate on other concrete issues and on the marketing strategies for better reach and visibility. 

Yet another amusing feature of AI is that now AI development companies could integrate AI easily with other amusing technologies like augmented reality, virtual reality, Machine learning, etc. due to the feasibility of AI. 

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This integration further adds up benefits like processing all information quickly and having it handy, easier training for new employees, the firm’s all-time supervision, and much more.

Thus, collaborating with the AI development company, or planning to hire AI developers, are the must not miss out on activities for every SMEs as soon they set in the track of the workflow.

3.Cloud computing Solutions 

Cloud computing development and solutions have promised a long way for SMEs as the SMEs are enabled to be economically more stable with the help of Cloud Computing.

On the other hand, cloud computing aids the SMEs to stop struggling in a world of classification of big and small companies based on size and success. Cloud computing does this by bridging the gap with those large institutions.

A prominent example of how SMEs could tap into the fullest potential of cloud computing is visible from that of the case of Chitale Dairies, India. 

It could be described as taking off their “cows to cloud,” or in simpler words, even domains like dairy farming can use cloud computing solutions and not big firms.

cloud computing

They have tagged their cows with Radio Frequency identification devices, which constantly monitor the aspects like the cow’s health, levels of nutrition, etc.

All these data are obtained, interpreted, analyze, and the final insights in a form that the farmer can understand and visualize are sent as an SMS.

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Hence, they were able to have a closer look into the cow’s health and, in case of any needs, could act accordingly, all of which contributed positively to obtaining the best quality and quantity of milk.

Thus, the case of Chitale Diaries was an example from a closer context to understand how technologies like Cloud computing can be feasible for all SMEs and also for also the domains of business/services and not just a few.

4.Internet of Things

IoT development services are one of the essential core aspects of technology that aid SMEs largely, as all the devices, objects are connected to a single system via the internet. 

After understanding the IoT challenges and opportunities, SMEs can definitely find that there are so many opportunities than challenges. 

internet of things

The major benefits, opportunities that IoT trends 2020 present can render enhanced logistics, coordinating the entire manufacturing processes well, increasing productivity, having a very satisfied customer base, and helping largely in the maintenance of all the raw materials and finished products. 

Similarly, the other aspects like customized solutions for customers, enhanced safety as well as security for employees and assets as such, are all the wholesome benefits

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Thus, every SME can enjoy all these benefits mentioned above with the right IoT implementation strategy for their SMEby planning rightly with an IoT development company or planning to hire IoT developer. 

Final Verdict

Thus, every SME can advance with great strides with digital transformation as new technologies are integrated with traditional production, marketing, and post-delivery support. Novel opportunities, strengths become possible with digital opportunities by eliminating human errors, minimizing the time for every work, and enabling work around the clock. Hence, every SME can adopt digital transformation as it would enable its customers to turn up for more and not resist at any point, as nothing less than the best is offered. 


The significance of transformation rendered by AI and Ml is so huge, as almost all the industries feel its impact and contribution in maximizing productivity and profit, especially for the SMEs. 

The technical trends have been the evolution and growth of technologies like AI, ML, DL, IoT, Cloud Computing, etc. The beneficial trends have been that enhanced security and safety levels, more efficient remote working, SMEs’ ability to have a role in the global arena of economy, and competition.

Inventory management becomes easier with IoT as IoT allows round the clock supervision and alerts even when there is a small abnormality/ change in the environment in which inventory is stored. 

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