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To have an efficient software solution for manufacturing & automation industry connected by IoT


One of the most renowned brands known for their durable, reliable and safe batteries, have played a major role in helping most of the globally acclaimed manufacturing stalwarts in the industrial and OEM category for designing batteries and devising new charging technologies with excellence.

They are considered to be the driving force behind all the machineries, heavy equipment’s such as cranes, forklifts etc., ensuring that the batteries are stable and they function smoothly without hindering the daily schedule.


The challenge that the client wanted to get an immediate solution for looking at the timely battery life and also safeguarding the batteries never run out of power, ensuring that the machineries were never shut down at the right time.

Our client is specialized in making lithium batteries delivering their client’s ensuring a safe, clean and green technology. As compared to the other batteries, they consist of 70% lead acid and the rest of the battery is never used to its optimum. Being reactive in nature, they have a short shelf life due to which the replacements are more and there could also be a scenario of a sudden breakdown, without knowing when the battery would wear out.

Our Solution

By making use of tech at a faster pace, our client is keen to develop an application which will be hosted on the cloud and this in turn will communicate with the on premise devices over MQTT and HTTPs protocols. This will help in monitoring the health of the devices and also ensuring they work at an optimum level and also be useful in predicting the device life span.

This store feedback application is built by using the following technology stack as mentioned below:



Based on the data as procured from the devices as they are on premise – the live data would be shared which would reflect the current status. It would also help in understanding the various periodic intervals at which the device needs to be replaced, charged or removed depending on the condition and the time it has been used.

Tools and Technologies

IOS Development

Android Development



Wifi Direct

Ruby on rails



Impact and Outcome

Using this application, our client has reaped the following benefits:

  • Savings in time with always Right-In-Time as per the guidelines of the manufacturing plant
  • Higher efficiency leading in 0% breakdown time of the machines as compared to… (pls add some figures here)
  • Efficient work functionality
  • With a simple and ease to access UI & UX, it can be even managed by the level1 people at the shopfloor.
  • Accurate data which helps in time, money and manpower consumption