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May I help you?
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Single, Integrated platform for field force automation

Innovative platform to easily automate field service

Business Requirements
1. To build workforce management software with mobile handheld computers, monitoring devices & GPS to enable Field force automation

2. Right information at the right time to provide the best possible service at a reduced cost

3. GIS based wireless management of field work activities

4. To build the context-aware mobile solution to support field technicians with accurate information, technical manuals and location-dependent information.

Our Solution
1. World’s first enterprise universal windows phone solution

2. Timely and wireless access to context-based information

3. Offline support with real-time synching capabilities

4. Customization of the solution for different use case scenarios

5. Custom maps for GIS information

6. Building framework components for hybrid mobile solution

7. Building custom native components for Windows, IOS and Android

8. Solution which could be installed in the cloud or on premise

Business Impact

1. Reduce costs

2. Increase productivity and reduce paper flow

3. Faster and complete invoicing (hours and materials)

4. Professionalize customer service

5. Increase customer and employee satisfaction

6. Correct hour registration and timesheet