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Complete suite to manage PO & WMS for a Global Lifestyle Company

Business Requirements
Purchase order:

1. Support system generated / manual Purchase Orders & integration with accounts payable
2. Budget Control/Encumbrance feature
3. Cross-References on the fly
4. Purchase order level notes, special instructions, and user defined fields
5. Return to Vendor capability & requisition capability
Warehouse Management System

1. Receiving and put-away
2. Replenishment and picking
• Packing and loading
• Shipping and Transportation
Our Solution

1. A platform that allows you to hold alternative suppliers for goods, so that you can adopt a second-source policy, having an alternative strategy in the event of supply problems.
2. Handles the buying process from generating purchase requests, or initiating orders to the receipt of those goods.
3. The system can automatically generate purchase orders or requests.
4. A platform that provides the ability to build an advance profile of the purchase orders and order lines included within an expected Consignment.
5. A platform that acts as the hub of your supply chain solution, integrating accounting/order and shipping software systems, electronic data interchange (EDI) systems, Crystal Reports software, radio frequency and bar code hardware, and warehouse automation equipment.
6. Integrates seamlessly with many popular accounting/order-entry packages, including Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, SAP and Infor ERP systems, and shipping systems to provide the warehousing link in your total supply chain solution
Solution Overview

Business Impact

1. Obtain the best purchase prices by holding pricing and discount schedules for each supplier.
2. Enables the quantities received to be compared to those invoiced and any price discrepancies are highlighted for action.
3. Helps to reduce lost sales, and enables your customers to be provided with accurate and up to date information.
4. The advance build of a consignment allows the prompt receipting of stock and linking and control of purchase orders and their reconciliation.
5. Various ancillary costs associated with consignment shipments can be linked and apportioned to the various stock items and reflected within the stock price valuation and cost of sales.
6. Achieves good level of ROI through order accuracy, on time shipping, minimizing inventory carry costs, and decreasing labor costs.

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