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Enable your Salesforce on Mobile
We’re entering a new world of sales and field enablement.
Reps armed with the newest generation of mobile apps on slim devices such as tablets and smartphones travel without the bulk of a laptop that just yesterday were the standard of portability.
These new tools slice the sales cycle by providing the field sales rep with all the latest marketing materials, product configurators, live inventory reports, digital proposals and contract and even allow the customer to sign documents on the spot.
Mobinius will get those sales and marketing apps into the hands of all your full-time field sales reps, 3rd party agents, and even sales teams at dealers and franchises.
You can now impress your customers at tradeshows and at sales meetings with a beautiful product catalog on your mobile device.
In a time where information is available anytime and anywhere, through the Internet connection on your mobile device, it can be expected that sales reps have access to up-to-date and accurate product information on every location at any moment of the day.
For many sales teams, they are in front of customers and prospects and use mobile apps to get things done quickly and conveniently. Mobile solution that can help your sales team become more organized and, most importantly, more productive.
Want to empower your team with sleek Mobile Sales App and Product Catalog and selling on the go?

MobiSales solution is a new way to experience and learn about the products and demonstrate to customers. A cloud-based solutions which has got amazingly useful features shown below:

  • Impress customers with a beautiful product catalog
  • Something for everyone – various Product segments
  • Individual Product specifications
  • Contact us for product related queries
  • Ready toll free assistance at the touch of a button
  • Sales rep access to additional information about accessories and consumables, technical specifications and tips.
  • Sales rep can also explore the products & specifications knowledge by playing the Quiz. Quiz questions are constantly updated back in the server, the sales employees can participate in every quiz.

The platform that is customizable to any organization with preset themes or customizable brands. Enjoy the below benefits
  • Increase productivity
  • Avoid unnecessary travel
  • Latest Product Information
  • Forget about designing and printing paper product catalogs like everyone else
  • Supports all platforms – iOS, Android, Windows Phone
  • Innumerable products can be supported
  • Gamification of learning and gaining knowledge
  • Ready Information like, Tips, Specs to assist sales
  • Offline access so that info is available without internet
  • Awesome product gallery
  • Easy backend for content management
  • Analytics for analysis

With this mobile solution for sales, you give your sales agents uninterrupted, real-time access to the information they need the most.

“Mobility puts the rep side-by-side with the customer instead of across the table from them”