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Improvising the entire customer experience by making it more tech-savvy.


One of the renowned names in the field of health care industry i.e. hospitals wanted to focus more on delivering an enhanced customer experience which was probably missing to complete this 360 patient experience.


With technology becoming more up and trendy, it becomes vital to embrace and adapt to the technical change. Having the same concern, this renowned brand was thinking on how to develop a digital-enabled software application that will be a catalyst in improving the overall look and feel and also get real-time feedback of the existing operations and processes which needs any improvements, if any.

The challenge was that the client was also looking to deliver a holistic experience. Having a complete integrated feedback system and developing an application exclusively accessible to the board of directors or the management, with the entire information or the daily activities available at the touch of a button, was needed now.
Keeping in mind that the client is into the healthcare space and knowing that the users will range from various groups, the entire designs were supposed to be simple and sleek, making it user-friendly enabling better designs with all the multiple features under one umbrella.

Our Solution

Since we understand, that delivering the best customer experience is not only the core key to success but also one of the most important factors which are taken into existence when it comes to providing the best what one can. We developed the following for them:

  • Developing the UI UX of the hybrid application
  • Application development for iOS and Android platforms
  • Designing the web Interface for the admin panel
  • Implementation of the server (Backend)
  • Deployment of the apps to the store and back-end

Healthcare app development


With this in a nutshell, the entire shopping experience is a wholesome one, with varied products across the globe under one roof, catering to all the needs.

Tools and Technologies


IOS Development
Android Development
Android Development


Impact and Outcome

Using this application, our client has reaped the following benefits:

  • Improved implementation of hospital ops by 65%
  • Real feedback implementation improved by almost 73%
  • Increase of efficiency by 85% in overall medical staff
  • Saves time for giving quality feedback resulting in greater efficiency