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To have a hassle-free, easy to access software application with a simple UI&UX for users across the domain


One of the most renowned brands in the retail industry was looking for a change in their existing UI&UX as they also wanted to leverage their business solutions. Knowing that the client is a renowned name in the e-commerce domain, it becomes very important to understand the entire consumer psyche and their buyer behavior along with the diverse trends.


The challenge was that the client was looking at a complete digital transformation solution for the existing software application. Ensuring designs had to be in a proper order with all the requirements in one place which meant that the users benefitted with an enriching experience.

Keeping in mind that the client is into retail space and knowing that the users will range from various groups, the designs had to be simple, yet appealing enough with all the features so that the everything is under one roof.

Our Solution

Keeping everything in mind, we decided to create a digital solution as a platform providing everything under one umbrella, right from the latest offerings in the cookware, to the leading brands in cosmetics, personal care, hygiene, groceries etc., under one roof! Imagine all the time & effort spent in going around looking for things at various places for various things at one roof itself!


With this in a nutshell, the entire shopping experience is a wholesome one, with varied products across the globe under one roof, catering to all the needs.

Tools and Technologies


Material Design

SQL Lite

Impact and Outcome

Using this application, our client has reaped the following benefits:

  • Increase in the users across
  • Easy to use, readily available info with a quick-select and choose the option for a faster check out
  • With a simple and easy to access UI & UX, it can be even managed by any individual across any age group