Digitizing a New Experience for SOP’s


Mobile Application Development







Helping to digitize the entire Standard Operating Procedure (SOP’s) to be enabled across all the users right across the users from each cadre.


Large manufacturing firms find it difficult to have manual SOP’s in place always manual as they are time consuming. They’re also exhaustive as it is not only for one particular product or process but also for varied systems in place. With the latest technology too, what we can do is now is to upgrade the entire process at one go.


Knowing that in the large manufacturing firms, having a proper process in place to follow the systems , rules, daily timings, the current work order files, scope, methodology and the various processes in place are at times not managed properly. There are shutdown times and also maintenance times and by having all the records in place there could be that some of them could be wiped off, washed away or may not be maintained properly.

Our Solution

Keeping everything in mind, we decided to create a digital solution for them in terms of everything as mentioned above. We helped them create a platform, where in most of the daily activities are being logged in with a proper time sheet, apart from ensuring that the systems and the processes are in place.


Building an app for creating Digital SOP’s for all the users for seamless integration with existing systems.


Standardizing the way we create reports. Integration of SAP and doc-hub data.

Timesheet Management

Record of the no of hours employees have worked in the current tasks or activities


With this digitized SOP, it becomes easy for the entire procedures to be standardized and follow across the set parameters.

Tools and Technologies

Angular 4
Angular 4
Angular 4
.Net Core
Angular 4