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Digitize the entire shopping experiences across the globe.


Thanks to the ever emerging technology which has paved ways for good, people are now exploring the different avenues, thanks to the tech around us, which has made us synced in with the latest tech and, is great to be a part of. This technology has made way for the new shopping options, where in one can just shop as a one-stop-shop away purchase.


The challenge was that the client was facing as looking at a complete digital shopping experience where in one could shop anything & everything from another part of the country or anywhere around the world, moreover paving way for a new “traveler” experience.
Keeping in mind that the client is into healthcare space and knowing that the users will range from various groups, the entire designs were supposed to be simple and sleek, making it user friendly enabling better designs with all the multiple features under one umbrella.

Our Solution

Keeping everything in mind, we decided to create a digital solution for them in terms of everything as mentioned above. We helped them create a platform, where in the goods are being bought as well as sold – across the globe.

Thanks to the digitization, the entire shopping experience has been of an amazing one till now and, with so many people offering numerous products at sale, it becomes an easy process as well. It’s not only about looking at the amount of time which goes into developing a platform which has hassle free solutions and various options from which you can chose the best, but also get the best of brands at your fingertips. In a given scenario, just imagine that you are shopping somewhere in US and suddenly see some stuff which you would have thought of buying not only for yourself, but for others. In this situation, you can buy the same at the given rates and, when returning back to India or any other location, you can upload the same for selling the products on this platform.

Not only that, you could even buy the same as well!!

  • Developing the UI UX of the hybrid application
  • Application development for iOS and Android platforms
  • Designing the web Interface for the admin panel
  • Implementation of the server (Backend)
  • Deployment of the apps to the store and back-end

safety application


With this in a nutshell, the entire shopping experience is a wholesome one, with varied products across the globe under one roof, catering to all the needs.

  • Access to dashboards with a minute detailing for all the parameters
  • Accurate details to be seen
  • Live stats
  • Emergency SoS push notifications available
  • Helping in the event of any medical emergency

Impact and Outcome:

Using this application, our client has reaped the following benefits:

  • Improved implementation of hospital ops by 65%
  • Real feedback implementation improved by almost 73%
  • Increase of efficiency by 85% in overall medical staff
  • Saves time for giving a quality feedback resulting in greater efficiency

Tools and Technologies

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