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Mobility in Healthcare & Public Service

Rx for Transformation

Mobile technologies in healthcare – especially in clinical care operations – can be an innovative way to improve patient care, reduce complexity, improve efficiency, and empower healthcare decision makers with actionable insight at the point of care.

The healthcare industry continues to face intense challenges, including rising costs, declining profitability, and widespread inefficiency. A fast changing regulatory environment and pressure to improve the quality of care, patient safety, and access to information are driving a wide array of changes in the industry. New technologies are the catalyst for many positive changes. They also offer new opportunities to improve the quality and control the cost of healthcare.

Mobinius offers a wealth of mobility in healthcare solutions that can help you plan, develop, and deploy mobile application for healthcare providers. Mobile Application for healthcare types are:

Clinical process support: Order management, clinical documentation, medication administration, best-practice evidence-based guidelines

References and medical textbooks: Medical terminology lists, Physicians’ Desk Reference

Learning: Flash cards, quizzes, slide shows of common conditions

General health and wellness support:Dietary tracking logs, appointment reminders, dietary suggestions based on calorie counters or exercise suggestions

Administrative and general office: Billing code determination, appointments, billing, inventory, collecting patient histories to replace paper-based entry, insurance claims data collection

Generic aids: Magnifying glass, recording audio, note-taking (not exclusively for medical purposes)

Electronic medical records: Digital files of patient treatment records

Analytical: Mobile dashboards for executive decision support

Benefits of Mobinius Mobility Solutions Mobile solutions can help healthcare organizations and professionals with:

Increased Mobility in Healthcare: From the office to the emergency room, mobile PCs and mobile devices enable clinicians and administrators to wirelessly connect to information and resources from virtually any location.

Improved Patient Care: By eliminating paper forms and improving information access and accuracy, mobile PCs and mobile devices help to ensure that caregivers have the patient data they need to make sound decisions.

Streamlined Access to Information: Mobile PCs and mobile devices give healthcare providers access to accurate, up-to-date patient information when and where it is needed.

Enhanced Collaboration: With support for note taking, annotation, and wireless connectivity, mobile PCs and mobile devices create new opportunities for sharing information and consulting with colleagues.

Increased Productivity: From the elimination of labor-intensive manual patient information management to the ability to access patient data at the point of care, mobile PCs and mobile devices enable caregivers to focus more on patient care and less on non-productive tasks.