How wearable technology will transform lives in the future

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Wearable Technology and its future appliances

Technology aims at simplifying life and one of the most influential technological developments have been the invention of wearables. Wearable technology is not just about being your personal fitness buddy anymore. They do a whole lot more than that. Combining the potential of the Internet of Things, wearables have been revolutionizing lives in a lot of ways. Now, why wouldn’t it? If you could fit most of the functionalities of a smartphone on a small wearable device, if you could make your accessories more functional than merely accessorizing your outfit, would that not make life simpler?

Here are few prospective areas which could face dramatic changes with the efficient implementation of wearable technology:

1. Health and fitness:

This is probably the first area that comes to our mind when we talk about wearables. Fitness bands are one of the most predominant wearable technologies currently. For majority of the population who is too busy with work to take care of their health, wearable technology is a boon. With fitness bands that can track the daily activity level, sleep patterns, heart rate and lots more, you could evaluate how physically active you are and thus get motivated to get more active. There are fitness bands that periodically vibrate and alert after a set period of inactivity is detected thus inspiring to get up and get moving. Taking this a step further, for patients with critical health conditions, wearables can continuously monitor their health and send real-time data to their doctors and even alert them on time in case of a grave situation.

2. Impact on the retail industry and improved shopping experience:

For both, the retail businesses and the customers, wearables are definitely a game changer. While shopping online, one gets the comfort of saving items in one’s own wish list and gets timely recommendations that are close to one’s browsing industry. What if, all this could also happen with the real-time shopping? So, when a customer walks into the store the staff, with the live updated feed about the customer’s preferences and previous purchase history could assist the customer and thus make his shopping experience a whole lot more convenient and quick! This can help businesses offer better customer service and thus significantly improve their sales. Overall improved customer experience is great for the customers and thus in turn better for the businesses too.

3. Better law enforcement:

Technology has already made a lot of enhancements in law enforcement. Police, with wearable like say, smart glasses, could get periodic updates and alerts. These can also help monitor traffic real time. Live updates from facial recognition systems installed a public places, airports and more could help officials track down suspects. These are just a few potential uses. Video Badge, Motorola Si series, and Tasor Axon are a few examples of the range of next-gen wearable devices that are helping police officials all over.

Wearable Technology Development

4. And some more:
  • Construction industry is witnessing a new growth with the implementation of augmented reality. Construction engineers can now project their building models, walk through them and correct critical flaws right at the initial stage, all with just the use of wearables like smart glasses. These can relatively lower the risks in the construction sites as well.
  • Marketing campaigns could be expanded – Several businesses might get an additional platform to showcase, thus pushing the sales of their products and services.
  • Wearables allow people to stay connected. You would never miss a call or message thanks to the notifications displayed on your wearable devices!
  • This can also come in handy in situations of personal emergency. By a mere click of a button, you could alert the nearest police station or your loved ones, supplemented by information like your exact location and more.

This is just a small chunk of the plethora of possibilities of using wearable technology. Like every technology, wearables too come with their own pitfalls as well. But with better- implemented policies, this sure can transform lives in a lot of different ways.

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