Thank You…

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Thank You…
How often do we use this word in our daily lives, be at work, or with friends / peers, colleagues? Obviously, we don’t remember and we don’t have a count on this, which surely means that we are so engrossed in our hectic work, that it just slips out of one’s mind.

Thank you might be a two letter word, but it definitely carries a lot of weightage! The amount of respect, showing gratitude, being humble, modest and most importantly being considerate and respecting the other person, is what the gesture speaks of. Especially at work, with helpful colleagues around, it becomes very important to be grateful at work!
We @Mobinius, have an open environment for learning which is conducive for all. The more we learn, the more we grow. As mentioned we are an employee friendly entity and believe in the growth and overall personality of our employees as for us they are not only our employees, but our key strengths who drive the organisation.
To commemorate the innumerable “Thanks’, we chose to celebrate the “Thank You Day” on 13th Sep, which was just another way to express our caring & togetherness, towards our colleagues, without displaying the name of the person sending his/her thank you wishes. Huge number of thank you notes were dedicated to fellow employees, some of them to Project Managers, and obviously to our management as well. Some of the notes were hilarious as there were funny one liners; some were very emotional and some were just a formal thank you. Everybody was so gung-ho about the entire event, that they went checking for their names during every intervals. As the day came to an end, the entire board was filled with loads of thanks and it just made us feel that we are awaiting the exam results out soon!!
Finally the day concluded with loads of laughter, good memories and thanking each and every Mobinaut who made this successful!!

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