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Transparent, Reliable, Trustworthy Partner
Mobinius has been our technical partner for two years now for all the development of our product ED Controls ( In the beginning we had some misunderstandings which were mostly related to cultural differences. Currently they are a reliable, trustworthy partner for us.
Michiel Otterloo

Quick Response, On Time Delivery with Quality
You can rely on Mobinius. They are good at their deliverables in time. I have got few web applications done for our company and it is maintained by them.They are very supportive and fulfill your App requirements.
Kumar Swamy

Exceptionally disciplined Mobinius built robust, efficient and effective app
From the first phone call, I was convinced that Mobinius would be the right company for us. Mobinius has an excellent understanding of what works and doesn’t with Apps. They helped re-direct me when appropriate and keep us toward the goal of a clean, efficient and effective App.

Mobinius is exceptionally disciplined and efficient when it comes to applying iOS development standards. They also are able to think on several levels to develop not just a stable App but one that is robust in online, offline and even transient states. Our app is particularly challenging and Mobinius consistently brings in experience and finesse that has helped us to solve difficult problems in order for our company deliver quality that drives a great user experience for our customers.

I’d say Mobinius’s pricing is in-line with the best firms out there. And the product is great , so I feel like we got good value.

We would not have been able to deploy our first major iOS app without Mobinius Apps.

Rajiv Unnikrishnan
Founder – OIDAR

Committed Team with Well Built Project Management Processes
Mobinius is a set of experienced professionals who have built a competitive work culture and have delivered a 100% product for Fingo. Their model of having a dedicated team for a project helped us to get the best out from the team. Well built Project Management processes and principles, well trained staff, dedication and commitment to customers’ needs stands out in team Mobinius. I personally had a great experience working with this able and committed team and will look forward to work with them in the future. Cheers.
Rodney Lewis
Founder –