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There is always an addition to any technology that we speak of. we wanted to build an HTML5 mobile development framework that was focused on native or hybrid apps instead of mobile websites, since we felt there were great tools already for mobile website development.

Ionic is basically a HTML5 mobile app development framework, which is aimed at developing hybrid mobile apps. Hybrid apps are essentially small websites running in a browser shell in an application, which gives way access to the native platform layer. Hybrid apps have many benefits over pure native apps, specifically in terms of platform support, speed of development, and access to 3rd party code. Ionic is a powerful HTML5 SDK, which helps one build native-feeling mobile apps using web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Ionic App Development Company

Features of using Ionic

In the recent times to come, most of the technologists predict that the developers will integrate HTML5 in their applications.

Ionic App Development Services

Completely Free And Open Source Framework

One can build software applications on various platforms, with this independent framework. Ionic gives codes of mobile-optimized HTML, JS and CSS components, and reduces the need of code rewriting. Besides, Ionic integrates into AngularJS hence helping structure that code better as well as more manageable. For application developers, working on leading mobile platforms such as Android, Windows, iOS, this is easy. It is beneficial for the boost marketing and increased awareness in popularity of the apps. Ionic helps to save time, money or efforts.

Simple & a sleek UI

Most of the elements in the framework come with a lot of default CSS components, including the JS ones. Some of elements include the sliding menu, form inputs, buttons, lists, navigation, tabs, sliding boxes and popup’s and prompts. The default styles are very simple, sleek and you can customize them by adding one of the pre-defined CSS classes to the element.

Ionic Mobile App Development
Ionic Development Company

Rapid & Agile

Ionic application development is of prime importance as, it is compatible with most of the devices. It takes less time, resources, efforts in giving a proper look & feel. Apart from this, this helps in developing or creating applications with efficiency and, also deploys standard tools with a single code base.

Ionic is built on Angular

Ionic, as we all know has been built with a lot of stuff to crate mobile applications with Angular, much more easy. Today, AngularJS is the most favorite JavaScript framework in use and is backed by Google. Moreover, Ionic framework shares compatibility with AngularJS, and so the benefits of AngularJS framework development can be put to use as well.

Ionic Mobile App Development Company

Since technology is what we love to do with & explore more, we have always believed in delivering the best! Backed with an excellent team of developers strong in Ionic – do send your queries for Ionic Development and we shall be happy to help you with the best team and amazing framework! Just leave a quick message with your requirements.