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Angular js Mobile App Development

Angular JS Mobile App Development Services

We @Mobinius believe in building good products, be it for enterprises, SME’s or organizations at large using the latest technologies and, working on different frameworks.

Angular JS – a renowned name in the structural framework used for developing web applications. The best part about using Angular JS is it allows the users to use the existing HTML as the main language and, allows the HTML to extend its syntax to express an application’s components clearly. It is one of the simplest languages to work with, as its dependency injection and data binding help in writing the minimal amount of code with a maximum output. And it all happens within the browser, making it an ideal partner with any server technology. And it all happens within the browser, making it an ideal partner with any server technology. It attempts to minimize the impedance mismatch between document centric HTML and what an application needs by creating new HTML constructs. AngularJS teaches the browser new syntax through a construct we call directives.

Angularjs mobile app development
Angular js Mobile App Development

Benefits of Angular js Mobile App Development,
which comes with innovative thoughts of it’s own:

  • Everything you need to build a CRUD app in a cohesive set: Data-binding, basic templating directives, form validation, routing, deep-linking, reusable components and dependency injection
  • Testability story: Unit-testing, end-to-end testing, mocks and test harnesses
  • Seed application with directory layout and test scripts as a starting point
  • Thanks to the ‘Dependency Injection’ (DI) and ‘Angular Routing’ features, this allows the re-usability of the code multiple times
  • Angular JS also provides ‘unit testing’ and, end-to-end testing features
  • It provides a modular and highly scalable code to enhance the speed of development

As always we @Mobinius have believed in using different technologies & delivering with a quality, we have a super amazing team of Angular JS Developers. Angular JS is the most dynamic, popular framework and, people love it. Every project becomes easy not only for the developer, designer and the programmer, but for the entire team. Simple, easy and quick to create a web application in just some time.

Advantages of Developing in Angular js:

  • Simple. Easy. Rapid. Can be used for even creating 1 page or chunks of pages for website development
  • Strong, reliable & secure
  • Less time taken for coding

Angular JS is developed and maintained by Google and is one amongst the top 3 JavaScript Frameworks.It provides set of components to structure your app and organize the project. Made for ambitious JavaScript Single Page Applications, AngularJS provides tools to make life of Frontend Developers easier by providing set of guidelines and architecture to application. Getting started with AngularJS is incredibly easy.

Angular js mobile app development in Bangalore