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Shopping Joe

We have helped our customer by developing two app as shown below

ShoppingJoe – An App for Consumers

An App that allows Consumers to

  • maintain their various shopping lists, either based on their past purchase history or through addition of new items, by browsing each Store’s database of items or a master list in the App.
  • submit their Shopping Lists or parts of the lists to the Store(s) of their choice and digitally making payment for their purchases or pay cash on delivery.
  • acknowledge receipt of goods, either at the time of exiting the store or when it is delivered to their homes.
  • schedule or re-schedule deliveries, even after completion of a purchase (after the payment is made, but before delivery of goods).
  • get the assurance of auto-reversal of their payments if acknowledgement for receipt of goods is not made within an agreed time limit.

ShoppingJoe Store – An App for Retail Stores

An App that allows Stores to

  • receive payments, without handling any cash at the checkout counters, resulting in reduction in work and improvement in velocity of funds hitting their accounts.
  • reduce queues at the checkout counters as consumers do not need to physically carry the merchandise home from the stores.
  • reduce inventory held at each store, except for sample products or minimal stock for in-store purchases, thereby reducing their costs of doing business.
  • deliver customer delight by taking away the pain of their customers without losing their in-store sales
  • reward store loyalty of their customers through discount offers.
  • analyze, for the very first time, the share of wallet spent with competitors vis-à-vis with them, so they could respond appropriately.

Overall System will function as below:

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